Fairy & Ice Cream Party Updates

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I am finally stopping to catch up after the holidays and Hazel's birthday. Today I am going to share some of the details of her two birthday parties. First we always have a family and adult and younger kid party for her birthday. This year we decided on an ice cream theme. I made invitations with My Memories Suite.

 This year with how all the holidays fell we only had a few people--her grandparents and one couple of family friends. However Hazel had a blast. We decided against most of the games. My father did play with her catch the ice cream (balloons) with paper cones. I didn't get a picture though. He also played ice cream shop with her.

The entrance was decorated with cheap decorations I found on clearance. I forgot to bring out the three large ice cream cones that I got from Paper Source after the ice cream things went on sale.

We also bought some balloons since Hazel wanted them. We got them at Dollar Tree so we wouldn't spend too much. We had one at the top of the stairs (our house is a split level) and on the table. 
 The table had ice cream cone candles from Paper Source, a candle in a sundae glass my sister made for us and some Disney ice cream collectibles from Target. Our food was rather simple. I bought ice cream from our local farm, my mother brought hot fudge from the chocolate coffee shop near her house and we made homemade whip cream as well as fresh fruit for our sundae bar. Hazel also wanted cupcakes in ice cream cones. 

 My mother-in-law always brings an Edible Arrangement as well. Isn't this one adorable. Apparently they are discontinuing this cute bear container.

 We served the ice cream in the containers from Oriental Trading. Since we did not have any other kids we did not play the ice cream dice game though. We had sippy cups for the younger kids, but Hazel, Steve, and I used them.
 We did get rid of the sippy straws pretty quickly and I put in regular straws. We also did sing "Happy Birthday" to Hazel with an 8 candle in a cupcake.

 We also had goody bags for the adults. Inside were some of the ice cream cone candles, ice cream magnet and an ice cream cone bubbles (which were for the kids). 

 Overall it was a relaxing party and we had lots of fun catching up with good friends and enjoying family. For gifts Hazel got a gift card and money from our family friends and she bought at Target the Palace Pets Carrier Case and
 a Lori horse. (She got the Lori dollhouse, horse barn and horse trailer for Christmas as well as another horse and the furniture and some dolls.) We LOVE these toys!!

 We also gave her the toys we had gotten from Mindware. For Christmas the activity books were under her tree. Her favorite is the Extreme Dot-to-Dot. Our whole way to my parents she was doing them and kept telling me when she finished another 100 or page. 

 For her birthday she got the Dig It Up!!, which she started doing almost immediately. Although I didn't get a picture of the gems she found inside the ones she has opened before she put them with her collection. She also got the DIY Snow Globes. She started on these as well. She made a fairy to go inside her first one and is waiting for me to bake it. I was waiting to see if she would make the other clay so I could so all the baking at once, but no luck.

 Then before school started again we had Hazel's friend party. This year it was a fairy tea party. We made adorable fairy wand invitations. I don't know what happened to the photo I took of them. Sorry. I cut stars out of glittery scrap paper and glued them to a paper straw adding on some ribbons for tails. Then I printed out the information on paper stars and attached them to each side. I had to cut the straws to fit into #10 envelopes. Six of her friends were expected but one got sick, so only five came.

 When the girls came in they were offered attire of wings, wands and unicorn headbands. (The wings came from Dollar Tree and the others came from Oriental Trading.) Then they needed to enter the Enchanted Fairy Garden by coming through the butterfly curtain.

  Inside the door is pinata. We reused our princess pinata and put some wings on it to make a fairy. The pinata was filled with all sorts of goodies including the bendable fairies, unicorn duckies, our stamped coin purses, and some other fun things we found at Dollar Tree. Behind the pinata is our craft table.

 As the girls came in they got to make their own fairy wand with a kit from Target and then decorate slap bracelets from Oriental Trading. During the party the girls made fairy gardens in plastic globes that I found on clearance at the end of summer at Michaels. I wish these were easier to find all the time!! I forgot to get a picture of all of them, but here is Hazel's.
 I transformed the family room into an enchanted garden with decorations from Oriental Trading, Joann Crafts and Dollar Tree.

 The table was set for a tea party with the tree stump crafts we got ages ago from Oriental Trading. We put some fairy stickers on them to make them fit the party more but left the supplies to make it a bunny stump. We also used the tea cups from Oriental Trading that Hazel really wanted. We let the girls bring them home too.

 Above the table is a paper lantern that I to which I attached tulle wings to make it look like a fairy. We also hung the "Tea Party" sign and lots of flowers and fairy decorations (from Dollar Tree). 

 For food we served fairy berries, 
cucumber sandwiches, fruit fairy wands, raspberry pastries and a fairy house cake. We decorated our food table with a pink rose garland from Oriental Trading and put a tutu on one of the cake plates (also from Oriental Trading).

Our cake was an experiment. Hazel decided last minute she wanted it to be strawberry which was a mistake. I baked it in a large pyrex bowl and this caused some issues. The center had trouble baking and the cake became too hard overall. However it looked great!

 I made a paper door and used green washi tape to decorate my cake plate. I also had a fairy candle that I bought a few years ago.

A game we played was tea party relay. We divided the girls into two teams and each had a paper tray (from Oriental Trading) with a play tea set filled with Valentine's Day M&Ms. The girls had to run to me trying not to spill the M&Ms and then back to their teammates and pass the tray.

 Overall it was a wonderful party and the girls seemed to really enjoy it!! Now I have to get Hazel to write her thank you notes. For the ice cream party I bought some ice cream note cards over the summer and for the fairy party I stamped and heat embossed our fairy stamp onto pink cards and added a fun label to the top.

 Aren't they cute? What are you doing for your kids' parties this year?

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