10 Cheap Food-Free Valentine Ideas & Printables

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Schools today usually request non-food Valentines. Does yours? I know Hazel's does and there is always at least one family if not more in her class that pays no attention. And her class has someone with severe food allergies. Of course the candy Valentines are so easy since you can buy them everywhere for pretty cheap. Today I am going to share some non-food Valentine ideas and printables to go with items you can order from Dollar Tree.

Now depending on how many Valentines your child(ren) needs will depend on which you would like to do. If there is a small class you may consider spending $1 per child and go with options like these.

1) A light-up bracelet for Valentine's Day with the tags saying "You light up my life." These tags could also work for candles, glow sticks, and more.
2) Stuffed gorillas with tags that alternate saying "I go bananas for you!" and "I go wild for you." These tags would also work for the next one.
3) Long armed monkeys with tags that saying "I like to hang out with you." The tags in number 2 would also work.
4) Stuffed bears with tags saying "You're beary sweet."
5) Stuffed dogs with tags that alternate saying" No bones about it you're Top Dog" and "It's ruff when you're not around."
6) Heart shaped nesting boxes with tags that say "We fit together, Valentine." This tag would also work great with small puzzles!!
7) Mailboxes with postage tags that say "You have mail, Valentine. Just a note to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!" This is what we are doing!!

Now if you have larger numbers I suggest going with the items that come in multi-packs.
8) A pencil sharpener (comes in 12 packs) with tags that alternate saying "Valentine I think you are really sharp!" and "I want to sharpen my wits to win you for my Valentine!" You could use these with pencils as well or give a pencil and a sharpener!
9) A pencil with tags that alternate saying "You're all write!" and "You're just the write friend for me!" You could also use a pen or marker.
10) An eraser with tags that say "You can never be erased, Valentine!" or "Make no mistake I want to be your Valentine!" These cards are three to a sheet so the erasers can be attached to the center of the card. The link will download both pages.

Now if you do not want to put your own Valentine cards together, you can buy a set of six at Dollar Tree that have a toy attached. I was at my local Dollar Tree today to buy things for Hazel's school's Father/Daughter Snow Ball which is always Valentine's Day themed. There were so many fun things to choose from for any party or classroom event as well!! Be sure to check them all out!

Also some exciting and money saving things to know!!