Authentic Living for the New Year

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. 

We have had a very busy weekend with the new year and Hazel's birthday. After two birthday parties and many hours of working, I am back. I will share more about her ice cream themed and fairy parties soon!! Today however I am sharing the perfect book for getting your focus on your faith for the new year. The book is Authentic Living: 365 Devotions for Deliberate Faith by Richard Exley.

 This book has a short devotional for each day of the year and then offers a scripture verse and a prayer to go with the devotional. All of the devotionals are one page including the the prayer and scripture. This is a doable devotional. It literally takes just a few minutes to help you focus your day on God and your faith. Starting each day with this focus helps me so much accomplish what I want each day. 

The devotionals themselves include stories of faith and even doubting faith to light to bring the miracles of every day to the reader. When one takes the leap of faith God does His work best. This is often a hard lesson to remember and learn and this book illustrates it so well. I know this is a devotional I will enjoy reading every day and will re-read as well the following year. Will you join me in this journey of faith?