New Board Books that Will Inspire, Teach & Put to Bed


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Spring has sprung! That means weddings, baby showers and more! Today I get to share with you three fun new board books that each will teach as well as inspire and one is perfect for the good night story! So if you have a baby shower coming up or know someone who is having a baby or has young children and wants great books to read them, check these books out!! The first one is Hey Now, Little Man by Dori Elys and illustrated by Chris Park. 

From the Publisher:

Young boys can read all about the dozen, hundred, thousand ways to be themselves in this sweet and colorful board book.

Hey now, Little Man, what’re you all about?
Let’s break it down for the crowd. Let’s figure it out.

What does it take to be a Little Man? From lending a hand to expressing creativity to enjoying silence, young boys learn that the right way to be is your way.

From Me:

In March I shared a book for little girls to teach them to shine. This book is for young boys to encourage them to be themselves. The message of this book is sweet as well. It is about being oneself and how unique we all are. It inspires young boys to express themselves, to help others and to lead. It talks about how some days will be rough and others will be great. It is a simple book in words but the words are so powerful!

The pages are full of color and the illustrations are fun. Boys will love this book and I love the fact that there is a book about being oneself and being positive with boys. It is the perfect book for any young boy and especially a book for fathers to read! 

Our next book is perfect for Earth Day and summer or really any time. The book is Tell Me About Oceans by Lisa Varchol Perron and illustrated by Jennifer Falkner. 

From the Publisher: 

A child gets answers to their many questions about the ocean in this rhyming, fact-filled nonfiction board book perfect for curious minds.

Tell me why the ocean moves
in waves that splish and splash.

Wind on water makes those waves
that hit the shore and crash!

A child asks their grownup many questions about the ocean. From what creates waves, what lives in the deep sea, what makes the ocean blue, and more, scientific facts are conveyed in accessible language. Sidebars on each spread provide even more information for every question asked and answered.

From Me:

This sweet, multicultural book has a girl and her father at the beach. She asks questions about the ocean. Each page has rhyming words and then more of an educational explanation of the topic asked about. It talks about waves, tides, seaweed, why it is blue, marine life, and the size of the ocean and more. The pages are colorful and informative. The father and daughter are on every page as well as illustrations of the ocean and the topics being explained. 

The story is sweet, and the father even says someday the girl will be telling him about the ocean. The information is good and age appropriate. It is a fun nonfiction book that is perfect for the curious child and also would be fun to share with a class or story time. Perfect for ocean units or to get ready for a trip to the beach. For more books, crafts, etc. on the ocean click here.

Our final book is perfect for the truck lovers out there. It is a bedtime story all about a construction site. It is Hush, Little Dozer by Rebecca Colby and illustrated by Katya Longhi. 

From the Publisher:

Say goodnight to each construction vehicle as it completes its last task of the day—especially to little dozer—in this sweet board book that puts a new spin on “Hush, Little Baby.”

Push, little dozer,
clear the ground,
level out the rocky mound.
When you’ve flattened smooth the land,
signal loader to the sand.

After finishing their job for the day, construction vehicles rumble off to sleep!

From Me:

This book is adorable. It tells about construction vehicles and what they do on the job. After the building is complete it is time to go to sleep and the vehicles are say good night. The words are simple, and the illustrations are fun. The construction workers are teddy bears. It is just a cute book that truck lovers will enjoy!!

This book is a happy book. It is a little unrealistic in a building being built in one day, but it is fun and will be loved by kids. It reminds me of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site but for even younger kids. I can see it becoming a favorite!!