Look -- Book Review & Finding Patterns Activity Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

As a math teacher I know that being able to see and recognize patterns is important. When kids are young, we teach them simple pattern finding. When they are older, we teach harder pattern finding that goes into things like equations of lines and other graphs. I know because I just taught patterns to my algebra class. I also teach patterns in geometry. Patterns are important in life and in developing our brains! Patterns are also a huge part of our lives. We see them all around us. We create them in our daily lives. Patterns can be dances, songs, daily routines, fabric prints, bead colors or shapes, spirals, branches, etc. Even our bodies are made with some patterns. They are truly everywhere. Today I get to share a new book about looking for patterns both to learn patterns and to help give you a break when needed. The book is Look by Gabi Snyder and illustrated by Samantha Cotterill. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

From the Publisher: 

In the tradition of Tomie dePaola’s Quiet, this lyrical, timely picture book with beautiful diorama illustrations shows that if you really look, you never know what the world might give you to see.

The natural world is full of patterns to enjoy for those who can ground themselves, be mindful, and truly see.

From Me:

This book is about focusing on the patterns around you to help keep you grounded and focused. The world is big and can be overwhelming. Focusing on something like the patterns around you can help calm you. The patterns in this book are relatively simple ones like stripes, alternating tall and short, colors or even movements like steps and hops. The book encourages the reader that when something is feeling like too much to look for patterns around them. It is a wonderful way to distract your mind from the downward spiral into a panic attack!

The words are simple, and the illustrations are beautiful. The pages are colorful, and kids will be drawn to them. I love how easy the book makes finding patterns. It is also a fun book to read with a child and look for the various patterns including ones that are not mentioned. It is also a book that could be read aloud for a class and then look for the different patterns on each page. I imagine kids calling out all sorts of patterns they find. It is a wonderful introduction to looking for patterns and is perfect for any preschool or kindergarten classroom!

Finding Patterns Activities

There are many kinds of patterns to look for and even create. Be sure to look around your home or school for patterns. You may find patterns in bricks or tiles, art, curtains, tablecloths, etc. Look outside. Discuss the patterns in tree limbs or leaves, pinecones, shells, etc. You can create patterns with blocks, beads, cereal, etc. Here are a few more activities and books about patterns. You can also check out these ideas from PBS

1) Several math pattern books

2) From Preschool Toolkit check out this Patterning Math Activity using colorful dots. 

3) Books that teach about shapes and patterns being everywhere

4) Make a necklace or bracelet using a pattern. I did these with homemade paper beads (out of recycled paper), but they could be made with any beads or even colored cereal.

5) From Buggy and Buddy, create your own Quilt Square with Triangles

6) From JDaniel4's Mom you can download printable Flower Themed Patterning Cards

7) Gather some photos of quilts and check out the patterns used to make them (I've shared many) This one is not pictured