New Board Books for the Spring


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Spring is basically upon us and as everything awakens, I am noticing I know several people who just had babies or about to have babies. It is the perfect time to look at board books to read to little ones or gift!! Today I have four new board books (one being released tomorrow) to share with you. The first is Hey, Little Night Owl by Jeffrey Burton and illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz. 

From the Publisher:

In this sweet bedtime board book, parents stay awake in the quiet night with their little night owls.

From rocking in chairs, to singing lullabies, to driving nowhere underneath the moonlight, this is a story to remind parents of the precious magic made in the late hours of the night with their little night owls.

With heartfelt illustrations from New York Times bestselling illustrator, Joy Hwang Ruiz, this board book is the perfect start to a good night’s sleep.

Hey little night owl,
up with the stars.
These hours are perfect.
All quiet and ours.

From Me: 

This is a sweet little board book for bedtime. It is about an adult staying awake with a little one and trying to put them to sleep. There is a rocking chair and drive to nowhere. There are many techniques that as parents we have used. I would recommend this as a slow read to a tired but fighting young child. The words are in a cursive font so I would not read it to a child learning to read and trying to follow along. I love the story and sweet words, and it brought back many memories of early motherhood for me. 

Our next book is perfect for spring. It is My Little Lamb by Hannah Eliot and illustrated b Jennifer A. Bell. 

From the Publisher:

This sweet springtime board book with a padded cover is perfect to share with your gentle little lamb!

My little lamb,
come snuggle with me.
Then off on your own,
with the birds and bees.

Adorable lambs have adventures during the day then come home safe and sound for nighttime snuggles.

From Me:

This is a sweet and colorful book. It is springtime and the little lamb wants to play and explore. The story is about how the lamb does this but always comes back home for nighttime snuggles. I love that the adult sheep says he/she will always be there if the little lamb wanders too far. It reminds me a bit of the Bible the Parable of the Lost Sheep. The book however has not religious reference or such. It just struck a chord with me. It is such a sweet book with words most parents or guardians want to tell their little ones. We want to give them the freedom to explore the world but for them to know we are here no matter what.

Our next book follows a young girl as she grows and is all about the ups and downs of life. It is It's Your Time to Shine by Dianne White and illustrated by Nanette Regan. 

From the Publisher: 

Inspire readers to go off into the world as the bold and brave person they are with this empowering board book that tells them now is their time!

It’s your time to shine.
Show the world who you are:
a bright rising star!

Growing up means there are times for feeling your best, succeeding, feeling uncertain, and failing—and everything in between. Things may be ever-changing but this moment, right now—whether it’s a regular day or a pivotal occasion like a graduation—is the reader’s time to take charge.

From Me:

This sweet book has messages throughout it that we want our kids to know. Messages about life being different--time to begin and a time to wait, a time when you are first and a time when you are last. There are hard times and sunny times. There will be times where you are confident and times when you are nervous. I love that it shows the girl growing up and trying different things. It goes through her life from infancy to graduation from some school (high school or college). I love how it shows the support of the parent or guardian throughout it. The pictures are fun and colorful as well. 

Our final book for today is a multicultural counting book about a team. It is One by Ruth Forman and illustrated by Katura Gaines. 

From the Publisher:

From the bestselling author of Curls, Glow, Bloom, and Ours comes a counting board book about ten friends who add up to something wonderful!

only one

but now we are two
and now we are three

Introduce young ones to the concept of counting from one to ten while celebrating themes of friendship and community.

From Me:

The book is rather simple. It is to introduce the concept of counting. I love that the numbers are written out in words and the girls have the numbers on their shirts. It starts with one and goes to ten. The idea is they are gathering for team picture. When all ten of them are there, they get their picture and say they know they are one. Each of the girls have different hairstyles and different shading. It shows the uniqueness of each one but also part of team and community. It is a wonderful book to talk about community and being part of something as well as introducing counting.