The Pop-Up Guide Cities Around the World -- Book Review with Crafts, Recipes and More!


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Looking to teach little ones about the world? Today we are sharing a fun pop-up book that takes us around the world. I am also sharing links to crafts, activities, and recipes to go with each city and/or its country. The book is The Pop-Up Guide: Cities Around the World by Maud Poulain and illustrated by Sandra de la Prada. It is recommended for ages 3 to 5. 

From the Publisher:

A unique look at some of the world's most beautiful cities: The iconic landmarks of New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, London, and other international cities fill the eye-opening pages of this Pop-Up Guide TM. Featuring the Empire State Building, Copacabana Beach, Big Ben, and many more attractions, the multilayered 3-D scenes encourage children to explore further!
• Descriptive text and labeled illustrations for quick and easy learning
• Built-in elastic bands that allow readers to prop open and display their favorite scene
• Sturdy construction that's perfect for at-home or on-the-go.

Fans of the Pop-Up Guide TM series will also enjoy the other books in the series, Space, Vehicles, Natural Wonders, and Animal s.
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• Educational books for children aged 3 to 5
• Books for preschool and kindergarten children

From Me: 

I am always a sucker for a book that lets us teach young children about the world. I love letting the kids learn about different countries, cities, and cultures without leaving home (or the classroom). Add in the pop-up and kids (and I) will love it! This book is fun. It shares a small bit about each city and shares some of the sights to see in each city. The picture above shows the page for New York City! It shares the lights and billboards of Times Square, Broadway, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. These are some of the great sights of New York! To go with New York I found some crafts, lessons and other books for you.

1) Statue of Liberty Crafts

2) Sponge Art New York Cityscape from What Do We Do All Day?

3 & 5) Watercolor Silhouettes of NYC

4) Statue of Liberty Worksheets from Homeschool of 1

6) Hello New York

7) New York

8) Books with history of New York City

9) Weird But True Facts About New York City

10) Not pictured: A Green Place to Be (about Central Park)

As you can tell from the sample pages, the illustrations are fun and give the vibe of each city. I love how each city is spotlighted sharing a bit of the culture with the illustrations. The one above is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To go with this city, I have three other books and not a surprise that two of them are soccer books! I also share different traditions from Brazil like holiday stockings, Christmas Evenew year's, and lost teeth.

1) Neymar
4) Not pictured: My Sweet Orange Tree (young adult book)
5) From Kelly's Classroom Online: From My Window

All of the pages can fold flat and look like this picture of Sydney's page. I love how this book will pull kids in with the three-dimensional pop-ups and gives them just the right amount of information for the younger aged kids. To go with Sydney, we have several posts about Australia, after all Hazel had a pen pal in Australia when she was younger. I have shared some other traditions like Christmas stockings, Santa, and Candlelight Christmas Church Services.

The book also features Istanbul, Turkey (sorry I don't have any crafts or connections to Istanbul except information about what they do with lost teeth), Cape Town, South Africa (also a new year's tradition in South Africa), London, England, ...

Paris, France:

7) Not Pictured: Vivienne in Paris exploring Paris with your senses

Shanghai, China

I have quite a few more posts involving books about China (mostly ancient China and the Chinese Horoscopes)

Here are some more ideas about China and not necessarily Shanghai.

1. Chinese New Year Banners from Chalk Academy
2. Chinese Firecrackers Craft from Chalk Academy
3. Spinning Chinese Zodiac Wheel from Chalk Academy
4. Chinese Lanterns from Chalk Academy
5. Lucky Chinese Red Envelopes from Chalk Academy
6. Brandon Goes to Beijing reviewed by Kelly's Classroom Online

and Rome, Italy

1) Exploring Italy (with food and more!)

I hope you check out this fun book and try some of the crafts and activities I have shared. Happy traveling around the world with the book!