Multicultural Monday--The Land Down Under

G'Day, Mate! My dear friend, Kelly, over at Happy Whimsical Hearts sent Hazel an Australian package. Well actually it was technically Kelly's son and Hazel's pen pal, but when you are talking 3 and 4-year-olds let's face it, it is the mother. We received this package awhile ago. I found most of the parts to it again, but Hazel has really been enjoying it. Today we explored the land down under or Australia. (Yes, The Men at Work song, Down Under, keeps playing through my head.--I'm a child of the 80's--what can I say.)

The package included a post card of the Australian flag, a travel brochure, some vegemite packages, some play money, a little koala toy and a platypus finger puppet. When we got this package, Hazel loved the platypus. I keep finding it everywhere, but of course, today I couldn't find it. When we got the package, we took some books out on platypuses, but of course, I didn't take any pictures of them. Hazel keeps telling me she wants to see a real platypus, so I guess we will have to take a trip to Australia!!

Thanks, Kelly & Dino Boy!!
This morning we made some toast and tried the vegemite. I have to say that none of us really liked it. We were glad we had also made a piece of toast with some of our peach jam on it to get rid of the taste. But now we know what vegemite tastes like. I know I have always wondered ever since The Men at Work song.

Next we took out the books we had from the library and read them. One of them suggested making boomerangs from cardboard, so we did. Hazel decorated them. She and Daddy are going to try them out later after they dry. I also pulled out the travel book I picked up the last time I was at the AAA office. Nothing like dreaming of a great vacation.

The other day Hazel and I went with some friends to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. I will share more about this trip on Wednesday, but they have an Outback Trail. We saw emus (sorry the picture is not so great of them, but you can see it above the u), kangaroos, sleeping tree kangaroos, cockatoos and black swans. We also saw a kookaburra, but the picture was really horrible. Then I also included some sharks and the turtle from our aquarium trip last month.

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  1. I'm so glad you all enjoyed the package Carrie :-) And I loved reading that you weren't fussed on vegemite, hee hee. Dino Boy actually doesn't like it either, but Little Miss Q and I love it :-) Maybe you need to start young! Aren't platypuses amazing, such an interesting critter. We also just went to the zoo for Dino Boy's birthday. Hope you have a lovely week x

  2. Men at Work! Great tunes. How fun to explore the world together.. :-)

    "He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich" hahahaha

  3. This package is great! Thanks for sharing the links. I am preparing some Montessori continent boxes for my daughter and my Australia box really needs help. Just found your blog thru The kid's Co=op link-up. Also, your daughter is adorable!

  4. Thanks so much for linking this up to the Kid's Co-op last week! I just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring your post this week.

  5. What a fun way to experience another country! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

  6. Thanks for the share of useful information.


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