Happy Family Times #25--Founders' Day

Oh, I just visited all the wonderful posts shared last week for Happy Family Times. Wow, there were so many great, inspiring ideas. I know I have some great plans in my head now. If you have done something with your family this week and posted about it, please share it with us below. Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts and I are collecting them in hopes to inspire all of us to do more with our families!

This week our town held its annual Founders' Day. It is a day where the streets in the center of town are closed and every non-profit group, some businesses and some crafters and vendors take over and sell, giveaway and entertain. It is a fun day. Part of the street is full of blow-up games like bouncy houses, one side street is filled with food (mostly donated from local restaurants for school groups to raise funds). Then all around town hall and the library are crafts and vendors as well as all the community groups. The Friends of the Public Library often hold a book sale and the library bathrooms are open for the day. Overall it is a fun day but it can be hot and tiring. We park at a friend's house and walk a short distance to get there. Hazel loves it and remembered it from last year.
Hazel enjoyed making an apple basket craft at the Lakeshore Learning table, a bracelet with the help of a girl scout, a wooden race car at the Home Depot (with lots of help from Daddy). She also got to see Elmo. We entered lots of free raffles and got lots of hand-outs including bubble stuff, lots of reusable bags, pens, pencils, a plastic sand castle, and it goes on. We stopped at a local church for some ice cream. Then on our way to the car we stopped at the Iron Works where they had an iron pour and some old fashion toys including the stilts you see Hazel trying with Daddy's help.
The iron pour was really interesting. First you are given a hard sand mold that you can carve a design into. They do tell you all letters and numbers need to be backwards and so do words. Then you bring it over to them and they spray it with graphite. Then they get the fire going nice and hot. They are burning what they called coke which is a processed fuel (for more info check out here). The sparks and then some of the metal came out the side of the burner. They said this meant it was almost time to pour. Then they knocked out the cooled lava to get the liquid to pour into cement buckets and then they put them into smaller more controlled buckets to pour into all the molds. Then after some cooling has taken place they spray them with water to cool them further. After that they will knock the molds off the platform and placed more in their spots. At this point we went home and came back to get Hazel's metal sculpture. It was fun. She was not all that into it since it was hard and a long process. Next year she might enjoy it more.

Now it is your turn to share how your family has spent some quality time lately.

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  1. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful day! That iron pour looks very interesting.

  2. Sounds like a fun day, I love town festivals, we have one coming up very soon here. The iron pouring looks very fascinating, what a wonderful opportunity!


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