Knitted Farm Swap Update

Sharing Saturday is still open!! Please come share your child-oriented crafts and activities with us! 
My current GIVEAWAY is still open!!

Do you remember the Knitted Farm Swap for which I was looking for participants back in March? Well yesterday, I finally received the last of the squares and organized them all and sent them out. (This is what I was doing instead of getting Sharing Saturday up and running on time.) Today, I'm going to share with you the squares.

We ended up with 10 amazing women willing to do the knitting. Unfortunately one had a house fire after finishing her squares and was dealing with living in temporary housing with a newborn. We all voted for sending her our squares and telling her not to worry about hers, so we each ended up with nine squares. If we want any more we can make them ourselves which will personalize the play mats even more. We have the oat field, the hay field, the sheep meadow, the plowed field, the horse pasture, the raised vegetable beds, the wild flower meadow, the wheat field and the pond. I know I am going to make the barnyard and the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch and maybe two more--corn field and something. I'm working on the apple orchard right now.

One of our amazing knitters also knitted a little chick for each farm. So every farm already has its first animal!

As I lay them out we began to accessorize with some of the farm animals and things we already have. I bought this wooden barn for Hazel on clearance last year for something like $5 and it came with unfinished wooden animals and a fence. Isn't it perfect? We bought the tractor at Drumlin Farms one of the times we went there. Then I pulled out some of the needle felted animals I made and Hazel has been given.
For example we have two swans and a duckling in her pond. I needle felted them for her Easter basket. And in the sheep meadow she has sheep I made, one she got at the school Holiday Festival and the rainbow ones she got last Easter from someone at church.
The wooden fence I picked up at one of the craft stores for her zoo play mat, but it works great here as well. Now she is having a blast playing with it and it is not even all together yet. Oh, I can see the hours of fun she is going to have with this when I finish it. I'm so excited to see them all put together. Have you ever made anything like this? If so, I would love to see it.

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  1. Can't wait to start putting them together :-) Thanks so much for organising this swap Carrie!!


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