Ting Ting the Girl Who Saved China Review with crafts and more!


Disclosure: I am participating in a virtual book tour with The Children's Book Review and Ryan O'Connor. I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and will also receive a small stipend.

The Chinese New Year is a very important holiday in China. It is also called the lunar new year and is celebrated in different countries with different traditions. It usually falls in January or February and is celebrated for fifteen days in China and seven to fourteen are public holidays. Now we have shared many books, crafts and more about the Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac including this fun facts post with many details about the holiday and celebrations. Today we are sharing a fun book about a young girl learning about her own ancestor's role in the Chinese New Year celebration and how she saved China. The book is Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China by Ryan O'Connor and illustrated by Xiang Minghui. 

Book 411:

Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China

Written by Ryan O’Connor

Illustrated by Xiang Minghui

Ages 6-10 | 48 Pages

Publisher: Xlibris Corp | ISBN-13 : 978-1664153189

From the Publisher:

Li Li Wang is enjoying Chinese New Year with her family when her grandparents ask her to sit with them. Before giving Li Li her holiday gift, they tell her the story of Ting Ting Wang, Li Li’s ancestor, and how she became a Chinese hero. Li Li carefully listens as her grandparents tell her about Ting Ting, the monster Nian, and the origin of the Chinese New Year celebration. Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China provides insight into China’s biggest holiday, gives a sense of its culture, and shows that girls are just as strong and brave as boys.

From Me:

As a white American mother I always love books that teach about other cultures so I can expose my daughter the differences even without having the other cultures always around us. I have friends who worry about their children and how they see different races and buy into the stereotypes. My daughter does not. For her entire life I have read her books with people of different races as well as about different cultures. This book is one of those type of books. I love how the Chinese culture is interwoven into the story. There are simple things like the names she calls her grandparents to the information about the red envelopes often given to children.

This story however goes even beyond the Chinese New Year. It is about a young girl who does what others are afraid to do. She faces the scary monster, Nian, when the adults and boys hide.

 She learns the monster is afraid of the color red, loud noises from fireworks and more. She was able to scare the monster off without it hurting anyone. The people of her village rejoiced and the monster did not return to China.

I also love how the story is about a family's new year celebration. It shares what the family does to celebrate. Telling Li Li the story of Ting Ting is only part of that celebration. The story teaches that girls can be strong, smart and brave just like boys. It has such a wonderful message. The illustrations are colorful and remind me a bit of cartoon illustrations. It is a wonderful book to introduce children to the Chinese New Year and to learn more about the traditional celebration. To go with this book there are the crafts I have shared above (click photo to be taken to original post featuring the craft) as well as making jiaozi or Chinese dumplings. You can try this recipe from Katie Chin's Global Family Cookbook. I have not tried it yet, but in the story Li Li's family eats jiaozi to celebrate as well as lighting off fireworks. Or you can make some play ones like I did here.

About the Author:

Ryan O’Connor is a literature and writing teacher in Shanghai, China, and the author of the children’s book series Bobby the Bear. With a background in sports journalism and education, Ryan has turned his focus to writing children’s books. Through unique characters, Ryan provides children with moral and life lessons. Ryan has earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in education; he has also won numerous awards for sports writing. Ryan is a native of Pittsburg, Kansas, but has spent the past ten years living in Shanghai.

To learn more about Ryan and his books, visit his website at


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