Blue & White Crafts with Japanese Influence and More!


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

I have always loved blue and white crafts. The colors just contrast and make beautiful images. Today I am going to share some blue and white inspired crafts and most have a Japanese influence to them. Let's start with the one that is not a craft but has pictures of Japanese Shibori on them. They are Japanese Shibori Note Cards

These beautiful note cards feature photos of traditional Japanese shibori designs. Shibori is a hand-dyeing technique of cloth. It is similar to our modern day tie-dye. Traditionally shibori was created with indigo, so it was a bluish color. There are sixteen blank note cards in the set. The envelopes also have a shibori design on them with a white rectangle to write the address. Here is a picture of all the cards in the pack as well as two envelopes (to show front and back).

I can honestly say I am happy to have this set and will be happy to send them to either a female or male. I love that they can be thank you notes, birthday cards, sympathy cards or just a note. The cards are a good quality and the pictures are just beautiful. I know I want to learn more about Japanese shibori. 

Another Japanese craft is sashiko. Sashiko is an embroidery design that has been used for centuries. It is used for both functional as well as decorative. Traditionally it was a white thread on an indigo fabric and thus blue and white. Nowadays it is not always blue and white. This book shares 36 different sashiko designs.

It also shares the techniques to learn how to stitch sashiko. It goes through everything from materials to how to make the stitches. It also includes how to transfer designs as well. Plus there are some projects that include creating an entire project.

The projects include the drawstring pouches and other little bags, napkins and placemats, covered brooches and buttons and more! 

If you are ready to try some new stitch ideas be sure to check this book out. Learn stitches to make beautiful products or to fix rips and cover stains. 

Since we are talking about embroidery and blue and white crafts our next book is Blue & White Embroidery by Kozue Yazawa. This books shares 30 projects done in blue and white. This book shares different motifs--simple and elegant ones. 

Some of the projects are ocean themed. Some are sewing projects like the needle books and the scissors holder below. There are bags, home d├ęcor, shawl, and jewelry and more! The book shares patterns for the embroidery as well as the projects. There is information about the materials needed as well as tutorials for the stitches used in the book. 

I love the variety of projects in this book. There are many great ones as well as ones for every season. There are even projects for Christmas and the fall. 

If you love stitching and love blue and white projects this book is for you!

Our last product for blue and white crafts is Origami Paper 200 Sheets Blue and White 6-inches. This pack has 200 sheets of twelve blue and white designs. The other side of these papers are either solid blue or solid white.

I decided to make some origami cranes.

The papers are high quality and fun to use. I wanted to show both sides so I also made some of the star boxes. 

Both of these projects are in the small packet of origami instructions that are included in the pack of paper. They are beautiful prints.

So if you are in the mood for some blue and white crafts check out all of these great products! Happy crafting!!