Exploring the States with a Personalized Book & More!

Disclosure: I See Me! Inc.  gave me a copy of this book free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

This summer we are exploring the states of the United Sates. It was part of our homeschool curriculum this past school year, but I thought we should do more than what she had been doing in school. We have been enjoying some items we already reviewed, but want to extend our lessons all summer. In the past month we had a couple of birthday parties for younger girls. I asked Hazel what we should get and she immediately said a book from I See Me. Hazel loves the books we have gotten from there.  When we were shopping for the gift I saw the perfect book for our USA exploration. It is My U.S.A. Road Trip by Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Barbara Bongini. This is a photo book so you can have the child's face put into the pictures!

How fun is this? She gets to see her face driving the car throughout the book and of course her name is printed in the story and the illustrations. This book mentions all fifty states and things that one might see or do in the states. Then there is a special page on the child's home state. This is the perfect book for a younger child to learn about the fifty states as well as for children around Hazel's age as they learn more about the various states. 
Home State Page for a Different Child
The other thing I love about I See Me! books is that you can always put a dedication on the title page. Also you can see what it will look like with your child's photograph and name before purchasing. All you have to do is personalize and upload the information. 

There is also a gift set available for purchase. It includes the personalized book and a scratch off United States map. In this book the child travels from the west coast to the east and ends in Washington, D.C. The car turns into a plane to get to Hawaii and Alaska and a boat to sail through the Great Lakes. Sites seen are the Golden Gate Bridge, Space Needle, St. Louis Arc, Statue of Liberty, Kentucky Derby, riverboat cruises and more. Come with us as we explore the United States from our home!! 

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To look at each state we are reading a book about the state and trying to do a craft or recipe having to do with the state. We are also putting together a state postcard exchange. 

We still need many states to be covered. Can you join us?

The crossed out states are the ones we already have. If you can do the postcards from one of the other states, please let me know!! We would love to have you join us. I am also putting together a printable book to keep the postcards in and other information about the state. Here is a sample page.

The photo box is the average size of a postcard, so the book can keep all of them and give your child a place to record information about each state as well. I will be sending it to everyone who participates!! So please join us!!

We have been focusing on New England and New York. Since we recently went to New York (Hazel's first time). I wanted Hazel to learn about the entire state and not just New York City. However our craft did focus on the city. We used watercolor paints to paint a card (we tried out the new metallic ones we got). then we had a co-worker cut out the silhouette of the city and the Cameo Silhouette for us. We glued it over our painting. 

We also took the negative and glued it over another painting. I drew in some fireworks to make it for the Fourth of July. We are going to send one of them to the friend we visited as a thank you!

So stay tuned this summer as we explore the different states and join us for our postcard exchange!! Also be sure to check out this great book from I See Me! it is perfect for a summer of exploring the states!