Books about Pets

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Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Do you own a pet? Does your child want a pet? What kind? Today I am going to share some books about three of the more typical pets: dogs, cats, and fish. Each has a fun story and a bit of a lesson in its own. We will start with Big Cat, Little Cat by Elisha Cooper. 

This book sang to my heart. It tells the story of my cats, so I just love it. It is very simple in the words and illustrations, but the story is so true. First there is a cat and when he gets big another cat comes. The big cat teaches the little cat and they become friends. OK, personal memory of my cat that I got my first year teaching, Simba, following around Pumpkin when she was a kitten meowing any time she broke one of my rules. We got Pumpkin before having Hazel so Simba wouldn't resent the baby. He had been an only cat for a long time previously. When Simba died (we put him down) we got a new kitten, Fluffy. This book ends with the new kitten coming after the big cat dies and the little cat gets big.

This book shares the story of so many cats and I love it because it is so similar to our story.

Our next book is Raymond by Yann and Gwendal Le Bec. Raymond felt he had a pretty nice life for a dog. He loved his family and life until one day he began to wonder why he couldn't do things his human family could like sit at the dinner table. He slowly began to do things like humans and eventually became an editor for Dougue Magazine and even a news anchor. His life was so busy he barely saw his family. On a vacation he realized he missed being just a regular, happy dog and went back to it. 
What I love about this book is that it reminds the readers (and I mean the adults) how crazy life can be. It reminds us to slow down and enjoy some quality family time and to relax once in awhile. Our society seems to always be on the go and moving faster every day. It is so important to enjoy our lives, our families and our pets. Imagine if your pet lived like we do. What would it be like for you?

Our next book is Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket List by Kate Klise and illustrated by M. Sarah Klise. This book comes out in July!! This book addresses the issue of pets aging. What do you want to do with your pet before he/she dies? What do you think your pet wants to do before he/she dies? In this book a girl, Astrid, knows the dog she grew up with, Eli, is going to die soon. Astrid makes a bucket list for Eli and begins to do the things on it with him. Things like sleeping under the stars, bubble bath and eating at a fancy restaurant were on the bucket list. With each fancy thing Astrid tells Eli how wonderful it is and Eli thinks about the usual things Astrid and he always did and how wonderful they were. When it is Eli's final days Astrid wants to know if there is anything else Eli wants to do and all Eli has wanted to do was spend time with Astrid. After all isn't the best thing one can do spend time with loved ones. Such a great book with a big message as well.

The story although sad since Eli is dying is a sweet one as well. Think about what you would do for your best friend when he was dying. It also gives the important message of spending time and making time for our pets.

Our next book is Prince and Pirate by Charlotte Gunnufson and illustrated by Mike Lowery. What happens when two fish are introduced to the same aquarium after having their own bowls? What happens when one thinks of himself as the prince of the tank and the other is the pirate of the tank? This story is about how two fish become friends and learn to live together after thinking each was the ruler of the tank. It is fun and sweet. A smaller fish brings the two together and realizes the error in their ways.

Our next book is Blue Ethel by Jennifer Black Reinhardt. Ethel is a big, old cat who is set in her ways. She is black and white and does the same thing every day. One day however her routine turns her white fur blue. All the other cats stare at her. She doesn't know what to do and stays inside the next day because she is feeling too blue. That is until she sees a younger cat that is pink (who is usually white). They go out together and find it can be fun to be colorful. 

I love the messages that can be derived here. First to be true to oneself and that looks do not matter. And of course the most important not to worry about what others think. 

Our next book is Goldfish Ghost by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Lisa Brown. Goldfish Ghost is born on the edge of the water in a boy's room. It is familiar, but lonely. He goes out to find some company. He searches all over to find somewhere he can have company and fit in and finds it eventually. He even had gone back to the bowl, but there was a new goldfish there who wasn't a ghost. This book is about finding home and fitting in and thoughts about where one's soul may go when one dies. It is very creative and fun.

Our final book for today is One Hundred Sausages by Yuval Zommer. 

Scruff loves sausages and when some sausage is stolen the town officials think the thief has to be Scruff. Scruff wants to clear his name and of course find the missing sausages. He gets his dog friends to help find them. Will Scruff be able to clear his name? He does. He is able to sniff out the missing sausages before the thief gets away and the dogs are able to catch the thief and get the police's attention. The reward for Scruff and his friends is a meal at the top restaurant which of course served sausages! 

This is a cute and fun book. The pictures are adorable and one could imagine the story somewhat happening. After all what dog doesn't love sausages!! It is just a fun book about dogs.

I hope you will take time to check out these great books about pets today!!