Spring Board Books Round-Up

Disclosure: We were sent these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are our own.

So I decided to share with you some board books today that have been sitting on my shelf. Since one of them is about spring I figured I better hurry up. Although it is just feeling like spring here, we are half way through it on the calendar. These books range in ages from baby to 3.

Our first book teaches about kindness and manners. It is Kindness Rules! by Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle. This book has a magic elephant that teaches how to behave in a kind and polite way. It talks about different situations and the best way to react. 

It teaches about saying please, using manners, greeting people, and more. The pictures are fun and colorful although the pages can be a bit busy. It has important lessons in it and I can see young children really liking this book.

Our next book is a changing faces book and is getting ready for Father's Day. The book is titled Is That Your Dad? by Carles Ballesteros. In this simple book a frog is asked if various animals are his dad. The animals make a sound in the words and the face changes as you turn the page.

You can see how the parrot's face changed with the page turn and what I mean about the sounds. This book will teach about animals and the sounds they make and is perfect for younger kids. They will also love how the faces change.

Here is a fun book to introduce your child to spring. A Little Book About Spring by Leo Lionni and illustrated by Leo Lionni and Julie Hamilton shares spring through the senses. It shares things that you see in spring like the buds on trees, as well as things you hear, feel, and smell. It is an adorable book to help a parent teach a young child (baby to 3) about the season of growth.

Another book in the series is A Little Book About ABCs also by Leo Lionni and illustrated by Leo Lionni and Julie Hamilton. This book goes through the alphabet saying a letter is for a word. For example, "J is for joyful jellyfish," and has a colorful picture to go with it.  These books feature the iconic Leo Lionni mice as well.

Our last two books are being released May 21, 2019!! Here is a preview of them.
Our next book is My Magical Unicorn illustrated by Yujin Shin. It has tabs, spinners and sliders to make the book magical for a young child. The words are very simple as is the story, but it is fun and colorful. 

The unicorn uses her magic to spread happiness and the story is very sweet and the moving parts will interest the young child. 

Our final book is in the same series. It is My Magical Mermaid by Yujin Shin. In this fun book a young mermaid is singing and entertaining her friends. It has the tabs to push and pull as well as wheels to turn. The story itself is short and simple, but the actions make the story more fun!

I hope you will check out these fun board books for the youngest of your children. They are fun and colorful and perfect for the young learners.