Memory Making Mom Review

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What are your childhood memories? Do they ever sneak in when you think about your own parenting? Or perhaps even your own identity? I remember back in my teacher days taking a class where we were asked to write about our own identities. I was single at the time and only had five or so years of teaching under my belt. I wrote about some of my childhood memories. It was really interesting when we shared our stories. It was a class on diversity training. Unfortunately I lost the paper (and digital) copy of my paper. As a young teacher my childhood memories really helped define me. They are important and will affect our kids throughout their lives. This is the basis of the book I am sharing with you today. It is Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt. 

How do you make memories for your kids? Which are the important ones? Are they the ones where we spend so much money to take the kids on a dream trip? Or can we make memories with our kids with something as simple as dinner? In this book you learn why making memories matter for kids as well as ways to make them and there will be ways you have not thought of. Smartt shares ideas like spontaneity, beauty, food, holidays, learning, service, relationships, work, rest, and faith. The ideas in this book are fresh. Some are familiar like holidays with relatives or a special gift and others are more unique. Smartt challenges you to go out of your own comfort zone to make the memories as well as have ones that are more regular. Each chapter is full of ideas and reasons as to why these type of memories matter. 

This book will help you change your family life and open more ideas and create memories and traditions as a family. This book is great for the super busy mom as well as the one who has more time. The ideas are simple and do not require lots of money. Why do we do the extra work? Because it shows how much we care and love our families. Think about that--it shows we care and love our families. Don't you want to show your kids that? Read this book and expand your own ideas as well as your own actions.