Sewn Together -- Crafty Weekends Review and Link Party

Disclosure: Lark Crafts sent me a copy of this book free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Hazel loves doing crafts with me and especially likes to sew with me. Her sewing is not perfect and she definitely needs more practice, but she knows how to do it. Today's book is perfect for teaching a child to sew and for just having some sewing projects to do together. We are sharing Sewn Together by Jenny Doh.

This fun book has twenty five sewing projects with everything from headbands and clothes to puppets and a playhouse.  Hazel went through and bookmarked all the projects she wanted to make and I gave her the choice of two of them today: Animal Headbands or Starry Night Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bags. She wanted to make the stuffed animal sleeping bag. My mother had given her fabric to make a blanket for her dolls or animals last year and we hadn't used it so we decided to use it for the sleeping bag. As a result we did not use batting and it was not the easiest fabric to sew. Oops!! Should have followed the book instructions more closely on fabric choice.
Finished Sleeping Bag
 However it did get Hazel using my sewing machine. I set it up on her small table in the family room so she would be able to reach the pedal. She had fun sewing. She started with zigzagging the edges of the two pieces of fabric. She was not great about keeping it close to the edges, but she didn't care. She felt it was made by her so it did not have to be perfect. Therefore I did not spend too much time correcting her mistakes. 

When it came time to sew the main seams the fabric was too slippery and I ended up doing most of the sewing so it would still work. Then she helped with the pillow and hand sewing at least until she pricked her finger with the needle. When it was done she was very excited to have it. We made the bigger bag but it was pretty small. It is the perfect size for Ducky!!

Hazel pointed out that Ducky always sleeps with her so he doesn't need his own sleeping bag. We tried her ballerina doll in it, but I had to bend her long legs to get her into it.
Then Hazel wanted to get into her sleeping bag and lay next to her for a picture.
Overall she loved getting to sew and told me she wants to sew more and make more of the projects in Sewn Together. The book itself gives some great tips on sewing with kids as well as some instructions on the various types of stitches and the basic sewing supplies to have on hand for the projects. We will definitely being doing more of these projects and hope you will check out this fun book!!

Thank you to everyone who shared with us at last week's party!! It was a small party and included many best of posts with the new year, and there were still some great crafts shared! Be sure to check them all out!!  

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