Origami Zoo Kit -- Crafty Weekends Review & Link Party

So Hazel's birthday was last week. We had a fun ducky themed party for family and a few friends. And we will be having a Wild Kratts themed party for her school friends. You will be seeing some posts about that party this week and next! However Ann at Tuttle Publishing sent Hazel a gift this year. It was one of the first gifts she got this year!

We decided to try some of the Origami Zoo Kit out today and I thought I would share them with you. All opinions are my own and I am receiving no compensation for this review and links are provided for your convenience, but I do not receive anything from you clicking them or purchasing from them. First the Origami Zoo is perfect for getting ready for a Wild Kratts party. The animals can be used for decorations!!

 The kit comes with a double sided zoo mat. The first side is in color and the second side is left for the child or artist to color. Hazel wanted to start with the panda bears. We each made one at the same time so I could show her the step and help if she needed it. (She read a book on pandas last night so she is in a panda phase now.)

 The pandas were relatively easy and we really did not have any trouble with them. The kit comes with many stickers for the animals so it was fun to be able to add the eyes.

 Next we decided to make the peacocks. The kit came with peacock feather origami paper. 

 The peacock had a few folds that Hazel needed help with but was not too hard. The stickers really make it look pretty amazing. We decided to place the peacocks in the pathways since at the zoo in Boston the peacocks sometimes roam free. 

Our final animal for today was the sea lion. By this point Hazel was getting tired so I really finished hers for her. It had some instructions that were just a bit harder to follow. We chose the sea lion because Hazel wanted to do the kangaroo and the instructions were to do the first three steps of the sea lion. Our plan was to do the kangaroo right afterwards but we didn't have the energy to do so today. However Hazel wants to make the rest of the projects in the kit so she can play with her zoo. The kit includes making fences, people, trees, lion, python, crocodile, parrot, monkey, gorilla, elephant, hippo and giraffe as well as the animals I have previously mentioned.

 We are really enjoying this kit!! I am loving that Hazel is finally able to do more of it on her own and is not getting as frustrated as she did when she was younger. Plus I love that it has the mat to make it a toy to play with after the origami is through. We highly recommend it!!

By the way, like the Geometric Origami Kit (also from Tuttle Publishing) there are plenty of places to teach some math. The peacock would be a great project for someone when they are learning the types of triangles and polygons. Hazel enjoyed pointing out the shapes and remembering the correct names as we folded them. 

Thank you to everyone who shared with us at last week's party!! It was a small party with the holiday weekend, however there were still some great crafts shared!  

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