Exploring Morocco -- Global Learning for Kids

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This month Global Learning for Kids is exploring Morocco. We have had a little exposure to Morocco in the past with the Moroccan Snow White and Maps Activity Book, but Hazel does not remember much about it. We also have eaten couscous previously, but she didn't really remember it since it has been awhile. We started as we always do with some books from the library.

 We read the two stories and really enjoyed them. It was in them that couscous was mentioned as well as some of the ones about Morocco. Couscous is considered the national food of Morocco, so we decided to try some. I first bought a box of it with added flavoring. I new Hazel and Steve would like it.
Near East Brand Chicken Flavored Couscous
 Then while at the meat counter at Whole Foods I saw Moroccan spiced chicken cutlets. As I have mentioned before my family is not really into spices so I bought one for us to try and decided to make the Easy Sweet and Spicy Couscous recipe we found in Foods of Morocco by Barbara Sheen.

The recipe called for instant couscous, chicken broth, butter, raisins, slivered almonds, turmeric and cinnamon. It didn't sound too spicy so I thought my family might like it. Hazel helped me cook it.

Overall we liked the couscous and I liked the Moroccan spiced chicken. Hazel said she liked it but ate all of the other kind of chicken cutlet and only a bite or two of the Moroccan spiced one and Steve refused to try it even though I thought he would like it. 

So our exploration of Morocco was really exploring the National Food of Morocco, couscous and reading a few stories!!

Of course if we had more time I would have explored some of the art of Morocco with Hazel and taught a bit of geometry with it. There are so many math lessons related to the Islamic art of Morocco and many fun geometric projects one can do. Here is a good resource and here is one on circles and here is a third grade lesson.
Mosaic Making in Fez By Elgaard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Now it is time for the link party!! Be sure to check out these other great posts on exploring Morocco with kids and share any you have as well!!