Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting -- Crafty Weekends Review & Link Party

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This week flew by and somehow I ended up very behind this weekend. So Crafty Weekends is starting later than usual. Though I am thinking it might be a better time since I have noticed people getting confused by Sharing Saturday and Crafty Weekends. What do you think? I would love to hear. This week we have been very busy crafting and decorating for Hazel's Wild Kratts themed birthday party which was today (and thus why I didn't pull it together to write the post before now). With many things to share about the party I thought I would give you a preview with this picture.

I am rather proud of my paper pom pom monkey head. As Hazel's party grew closer Hazel ended up staying home sick for two days. I took her to the doctor's office the first day to ensure she would be better for the party (after all we had ten of her friends coming this year). Luckily the antibiotics helped get rid of the fever and worst of the symptoms so she was able to have the party. On the second day she started getting her energy back and wanted to be entertained. We pulled out Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff.

This book has instructions with many pictures for kids to learn different techniques in knitting. It is also full of fun and relatively simple projects for them to try making and practice mastering the skills. Hazel's reading level was not quite there to be able to do it on her own and I had some things I had to do before I could devote enough time to really help her on Friday, so we have not gotten a project done (or even completely casted on). However the first project is a friendship bracelet.

The thin one is just a few rows of knitting and is perfect for a beginner to really get the hang of the actual movements involved. (I should say that technically this is the second project since the first is making one's own knitting needles!)
Kitty Ear Project Source

The fun projects include a scarf, a cowl, a hat, a dog's sweater, a bow tie, a bag, coasters, slippers, a washcloth, kitty ears (headband), a pencil roll, and stuffed microbes. Each project helps build knowledge and various techniques and some include felting!

Now that the party is over I am hoping I can find some time to really sit down with Hazel to explore this book and teach her to knit. Since I did not have time on Friday, she ended up doing some finger knitting

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