Winter Candles

As they suggest in the Waldorf school, we like to have candles on our table. In the fall we made some tissue paper candle holders with Mod Podge and fall colored tissue paper pieces on old baby food jars. They are perfect for tea light candles. I found some beeswax ones at the Holiday Fair at school.

For the winter I saw some beautiful ones on Pinterest. We finally got around to making them yesterday. I followed the Pinterest posting to here. I bought some Epsom salts at the drug store for less than $2 and had the Mod Podge glue and jars and some food coloring. I also had some votives already in glass leftover from favors for a baby shower I threw. One thing I discovered, the smallest baby food jars are not big enough to get the tea light with its container into. I removed the plastic/metal container and just put the candle in the one we made, but I would suggest not using them for candle holders. Hazel had a blast painting on the glue and I did the rolling. She also had fun mixing the colors.

Now we have candles that remind us of a snow storm. Since we haven't had much snow yet, that is a good thing. Some winters I wouldn't want to be reminded of snow, but this one is ok. Aren't they beautiful lit up?
The other thing I would like to share is our breakfast table today. Apparently many of Hazel's dolls and animals wanted to eat waffles with us. Of course her new doll high chair is not big enough for all of them at the same time, so she had to pull up a chair as well for one Baby.
And Barney is in there too!
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  1. Very cute, we will have to try these!

  2. They came out great! So glad you enjoyed it!

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