A Mouse or Two

On Saturday, Steve and I went to Hazel's school for a special presentation for parents in the parent/child classes that are interested in the nursery school class for next year. Although we didn't gain too much information from it, we did get to make some felted mice. I had to help Steve with the sewing of the ears, but we had fun.

The mouse body is wet felted. We took some grey wool roving and rolled it tightly folding the ends in a bit as we went. Then we dampened it with water with a bit of Ivory soap in it and rolled it between our hands until it became felted. Then we made the tail by rolling it between our damp hands. Then we went and rinsed the mouse in hot water (as hot as we could stand) and then cold water and also rinsed the soap out of the tail. Then we sewed on the tail and the ears (which the nursery teacher had precut from grey felt for us). We brought them home to dry. Hazel loves them. She had asked me for a mouse awhile ago so it had been on my list of things to try. Now the only trick is to keep them away from the cats!

Another interesting article to share about our children and education: From the Asia Times Online: How America Made Its Children Crazy.
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I hope you are having a terrific Monday!!