Friday Afternoon

This morning we woke up to a bit of snow on the ground. Hazel was very excited, but we had errands to run and the truth is I'm not sure either of us is well enough for too much time in the cold. This afternoon we painted a bit and then rested. Then we decided to make cupcakes. But as we were about to start I asked Hazel if she wanted to make cupcakes or cookies and she said cookies.
Well, I bought these mixes after Christmas for under $1, so we made one and decorated them for Valentine's Day. Hazel had fun mixing. Got a bit bored with the rolling and cutting (she decided she wanted to blow bubbles through a straw instead) and had great fun decorating. I think we will be finding sprinkles around everywhere for a very long time. She poured almost an entire container on one cookie. Needless to say they wouldn't stick.
Out of the oven
Our first ones...can you tell which Hazel decorated? It is the one I had to lift up to get all the extra sprinkles off of.

The pink glob is the gel writing frosting I gave her--this is the first one she used it on and there wasn't much left when she finished it.
We ran out of the icing that came with the package so we used the leftover strawberry frosting from our Valentine Gingerbread House
Hazel's last ones
Well I hope you will join us later for Sharing Saturday! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Now I'm hungry!!! :) Beautiful cookies and lovely memories.

  2. Hee hee hee, Master D and Hazel have the same decorating style. I can usually tip enough spinkles off his first biscuit to decorate the rest! (well almost)! Made me chuckle to read about Hazel getting distracted and blowing bubbles :-) thanks for linking them to Happy lil hearts are baking x

    1. It must be the age, Kelly! That and one of our sprinkle containers had way too big holes and literally she poured almost all of them out. OH, well, she had fun.

  3. That looks really good. I see your family has the same predilection for outrageous icing colours and cookie bling as mine does. :)


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