This Weekend--Winter Onederland Party

So on Friday, I was given a gift from my mother-in-law of almost an entire day off from parenting duties. My plans run the few quick errands that I had planned to do with Hazel and then come home and finish my quilt. However, I came home from running my errands and called a friend to check in with her. Her son's first birthday party is today, and I knew they were having an awful week of doctor's appointments due to his food allergies. (He is allergic to just about everything but now needs to avoid touching all wheat and dairy.)When I spoke with her my day changed to helping her with the party. The only things she had for it so far were the decorations I made for her, the napkins I bought for her and the cake her mother-in-law was making (which her son cannot touch or eat). You may remember I showed you the invitation and pieces of the banner I designed for her when I reviewed My Memories Software. Well, using that same software I made her a few more posters to hang around for decorations.

Then I went out shopping for all the party needs of a Winter Onederland theme. Unfortunately many of the stores had already removed their Christmas items and the ones that hadn't were pretty picked through, but I found a few (and had wished I knew she had nothing earlier in the week). I got all the paper goods, candles, etc. as well and I bought crayons so I could make favors. I had picked up a mini snowflake silicone pan earlier in the week. Perfect for favors for this theme. I turned my fingernails blue getting all the wrappers off, but they came out well.
I made some tags for them and bagged them.
Then while we were at it, Hazel and I used the rest of the crayons I bought to make butterfly crayons.
Out of the oven
Out of the mold
We put two shades in each, but kept colors separate. I like how they came out and Hazel couldn't wait to get her hands on them.

The cake!
The cupcakes
 Here are pictures from the party of the cake and cupcakes. My friend's mother-in-law made all of these to go with the winter onederland theme. The cake was yellow and strawberry (in the head) with brownies around it and the cupcakes were a vanilla with a bit of orange and chocolate with cream cheese. I only tried the cake, but it was delicious!!

I also put together some crafts for the kids. (They have 70 people in extended family alone and there were kids everywhere!) Last night I cut some felt pieces. I intended them to be like the Christmas trees that were all over Pinterest where you could decorate and redecorate, but the kids had other ideas. We also had left out glitter glue, gem stickers and felt snowflakes, foam snowflakes and some snow themed oversized tags. The kids glued and had fun decorating them to go home. Here are some pictures I took last night of what I intended. (I'll be cutting another one later for Hazel to have to play with.)
Snow King

I cut all sorts of felt pieces and had cut enough for four snowmen plus lots of accessories. I think I saw one piece of felt leftover. Oh, well. The kids had fun!

As for the rest of the weekend, yesterday was unusually warm here so we spent some time outside. Hazel wanted to blow and chase bubbles. We also go the bubble machine working and were pretending to be bubble fairies and butterflies flying through the bubbles.

I pulled out the video camera, but of course the best things happened before I did. Oh, well. We were having a great time.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Now maybe I'll get to finish my quilt.


  1. What a good friend you are! The favours were great ;-) And your quilts are very impressive!

  2. You are a great friend! Time off from parenting duties is precious and you were so nice to help out!

  3. You are such a sweet friend!! Everyone should have a friend like you =-) The favors are super cute - such a clever, inexpensive, practical idea! And the cake it gorgeous - kuddos to your friend's mother-in-law =) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  4. What a wonderful friend you are! I think the party turned out perfect - thanks to your help :) Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

  5. You have some amazing winter activities! I'd love for your to link up this week on momstown's winter linkup!
    Thank you!

  6. Thank you for linking up on momstown arts and crafts!


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