Quick Craft

Today we headed to my doctor's for routine blood work and to see someone about my feeling yucky since Saturday afternoon. Then we came home and did some crafts. Well, started some crafts. We painted some objects for crafts for tomorrow and we did one complete craft.

I was trying to figure out what crafts to do for January. Christmas is over, Valentine's Day seems so far away, what is a crafty mom to do...then it hit me...snow. Since we haven't really had snow except that storm in October, I'm not sick of it yet and Hazel keeps wanting to make a snowman, snow fort, etc. So today we made a snow picture. I got the idea from Pinterest with the original idea coming from Playing House. There are some great snow crafts there. Luckily Hazel didn't figure out she could eat the marshmallows so we used them on the craft. She did figure out she could mush them though as you can see in the lower left corner.  Oh, well glitter glue and marshmallows, what more could she want.

Hope you are having a great day!

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  1. I love the marshmallows turned into snowflakes - super cute! Thanks for linking up on momstown arts and crafts!


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