Quick post...after birthday celebration

Ok, I may have over done it for Hazel's birthday party because I haven't been feeling so good the past couple of days. So this will be a quick post. A reminder that Sharing Saturday is open please come share all your fun activities you have been doing with or for your kids and check out everyone else's!

I thought I would share a few of our favorite gifts that Hazel received.

My favorite: A Waldorf Doll that was my grandmother, Hazel's. My parents bought this for her after my mother made my nephew one and she decided she really wanted one. They saved it for Hazel and gave it to her for her birthday.

From my sister and her husband, The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pickney. A great book with no words (a few sounds, but that is it) and gorgeous pictures. They also gave her a savings bond, but I'm more excited about the book.

From Hazel's Australian penpal, Master D and his mom, Kelly over at Happy Whimsical Hearts, a beautiful gnome in a sleeping bag. Ok, this was actually her Christmas gift from them, but it is so wonderful, I had to share it. They sent her a great book for her birthday, Around the Year by Elsa Beskow.

From us, Melissa and Doug's cupcake set. I was so upset when Steve's mother bought this for Hazel to use at her house a few months ago since I had bought it on sale and put it away knowing she would love it. But she loved it so much she kept asking for one at our house as well. So now she has one. Highly recommend it for anyone whose child loves to pretend to cook.

From her godparents, a toy mixer that spins. It came with measuring spoons and cookie cutters as well. She loves it!

You can also see pieces of her new tea set from Steve's mother. We sent it over to her house since we already have two here plus the one I needle felted for her.

From a neighbor and friend of Steve's mother, a furry hippo backpack with a nap blanket rolled in it. Needless to say she was wearing all day.

Another one of Hazel's favorites: Caillou figurines. She loves Caillou and Rosie. In fact she named her favorite duck Caillou and its twin (though she can tell them apart) Rosie. This was from good friends. Although they are plastic they are the only Caillou things I have ever seen besides the books and dvd's. She put them in her tree house.

Also from Steve's mother, a doll carrier. Right now it has Elmo, Ducky/Caillou, and a naked baby in it. Something for her to carry her babies around is always good.

We also received many good books and some clothes. And of course some donations for the charity which is what we requested.

Our favorite wrapping was this wonderful gift bag/backpack.

Isn't it adorable?

The final thing to share, Hazel's birthday countdown wheel. She loved this. We started on the first (it works nicely having the last day be your birthday) with the number 31 and by your birthday you get: "Happy Birthday".

Well those seem to be the favorites right now! Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Wow what a sweet party! How blessed ;) Now it is time for Momma to relax!

    1. I would love to know where you got this! Someone got us the birthday countdown wheel and I need another one!

    2. I got it many years ago. I believe at Christmas Tree Shops


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