Sharing Christmas and onto my birthday party preparations

We had a wonderful Christmas. I think it was one of the best ones yet. We spent Christmas Eve cleaning the house. Our cleaning people were due to come at 7:30 Monday morning and we wanted everything picked up so we wouldn't have to worry about it. However Christmas night we got a phone call asking if they could come this afternoon instead. So now, it is trying to keep it picked up.

Hazel's gift from Santa
In our town, we have a Santa parade on Christmas Eve that includes just about all the police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks and anyone else who wants to put lights on their truck. Santa rides on one of the fire trucks. We are lucky enough to live on the street where they turn around before they hit the next town, so they go right by our house. However Hazel did not nap. So we went to the 5 o'clock service at church and came home to have dinner. Santa was running late (as he always does compared to the schedule in the newspaper), so Hazel announced she was ready to put her pajamas on and not wait for Santa anymore. We heard him go by and she told me she just wanted him to go home. So we didn't see the Santa parade.

Hazel's and Daddy's stockings are too full to still hang.
But since she was in bed by 7 or so, Santa came early to our house. Then we got to relax!

My filled stocking...guess I wasn't that good this year. ;o)
However, Hazel was up by 5:30. Santa luckily left a gift for her under the tree in her room and it was the one thing she asked for--a Barbie doll. She played with it for 15-20 minutes before she got us back up. Then we went and opened gifts. Hazel had so many stocking gifts compared to us that she was giving us some to open for her. It took some time since she wanted to play with each gift before she opened another one.

Christmas Eve tree loaded up
Then we had breakfast together. Steve hopped in the shower and Hazel and I called my family to check in. Then we headed off to see them at Cape Cod. Hazel was so excited to see her cousin (her only first cousin) and her aunts and uncle plus of course Mimi and Pop. And of course there were more gifts there. After opening gifts we went outside to play.
Opening gifts...a doll high chair and ornaments Plus some books and blocks!

The winter marsh (and Cape Cod Bay in background)
Going to the garden to dig!
A Favorite Activity!
Playing the Gingerbread Man Chase
A Few Snowflakes Fell!
Trying to Catch Snowflakes!
Showing Pop the Game Aunt Beth Just Did with Her
Then yesterday, we went to my mother-in-law's to exchange gifts. Luckily the gifts she gave Hazel stay at her house. She then kept Hazel for the day, so I got sewing Hazel's dress for her birthday party. This week all of our crafts and what not will be in preparation for the party which is Saturday. I hope I can get everything done.

Meanwhile, Hazel is enjoying all her new gifts. Her doll high chair gets moved constantly from room to room. She brings it to the kitchen for meals, into her kitchen to feed Ducky or Baby and into the family room to play hairdresser.

How was your Christmas?

Just a few reminders: Sharing Saturday is still open and there are some great ideas there for crafts and activities especially for vacation week. And my first giveaway is open until Thursday!

Have a great week!!


  1. Merry Christmas! It looks like you all had a lovely yet busy few days!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, what fun gifts as well!!


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