Craft Night

I just returned home from a lovely  craft night with a mothers from the parent/child classes at school and our teacher and the handwork teacher. It was so much fun to meet new mothers and share experiences while we made a simple craft. We made an angel. This angel has been added to our Advent calendar. I have through the 8th done. I better get crafting some more for the rest of the month.

Anyway, this angel came from the first issue of Living Crafts Magazine. However, we changed it a bit since we had wood balls and not wood beads for heads. Instead the handwork teacher quickly needle felted each of us a head for our angel. It came out beautifully.

She is relatively easy to make. Her body is one piece folded in half with a small hole cut for the pipe cleaner neck to go through (for the head needle felted or wooden to be attached). The pipe cleaner also makes the arms. You attach the head and the hair to the head and the halo (a felt circle) with glue. You glue wooden beads for hands and sew on the felt wings. Then you have a stick with a wooden star on it (glued on) and just fold her arm over it. You can add a string to make it an ornament, but I didn't since I want her to be part of our homemade nativity.

One of the things I love about the Waldorf School is how much they encourage community among the families as well as the students. It was so nice to have time with other mothers and share handwork and snacks. I am so glad we made this decision for Hazel's schooling.

Since I have an early doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, Hazel slept at my mother-in-law's so I wouldn't have to rush her over to her house in the morning. Therefore, Steve got the evening off. We went out for dinner before I went to the craft night. What a great evening! Now it is off to bed. Good night!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening :-) And the angel is very sweet.

    Also, we've just popped another postcard in the mail too! And Master D is also heaps excited now that he has received the first :-) I think he'd 'write' one a day if I let him!

  2. This little angel is very sweet!


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