Busy Thursday

Today we have school and it is a special day for us, because Steve is going with us. He always takes a Thursday off in December and today is the day. Since he has never been to the actual class, it is the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm also working later, so we will probably not have much time to craft today. I will share a craft we did awhile ago. They have been hanging in my front window along with  the window candles.
I put the wrong side of clear contact paper over a picture (I found free coloring pages on line ages ago). We put small pieces of Christmas color tissue paper until the picture was covered. I folded over the contact paper and then cut out the picture. In a few spots I had to tape the ends shut, but otherwise they are wonderful.

Now for some other info. Living Crafts Blog is giving away a copy of Wool Toys & Friends by Laurie Sharp. I own this book and it is wonderful resource for needle felting. So head over and enter.

Also I am participating in the weekly Mingle With Us! Blog Hop. It is a great place to find new blogs and for other's to see yours. Check it out.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I received another Versatile Blogger Award from  Fun Learning at Alison's FDC. I am so honored since I now have another interesting blog to check out. Instead of doing it all over, I'm going to send you back to my original one.

Finally, we've had a few more entries to our Sharing Saturday, so please go over and check them out. There are so many amazing ideas. It is still open if you would like to add something.

Have a great day!!

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Hinterland Mama said...

Aren't these effective?
Just gorgeous and Very festive!