Busy Day Getting Ready for Christmas

This morning we baked our gingerbread cookies. We had made the dough yesterday, but did not have the time to bake them after it had refrigerated long enough. We used a recipe from Family Circle Magazine (a few years old). When I first made these cookies, my sister told me they were the best gingerbread she had ever tasted. We still have to decorate them after Hazel's quiet time.

We also ran errands. We took Hazel's piggy bank to the bank to have it counted by a machine and deposit the change into her account. The bank gave her the piggy bank when we opened her account there. She of course was more excited for the lollipop than anything.

Then we ran into Michaels. I wanted to get snow to make the dry snow globes everyone has been doing. I found trees at Rite Aid for 99 cents--on sale. I had jars but had trouble finding ones that were tall enough and fat enough for my trees. I found the last bag of snow at Michaels. It had a hole in it, so we left a trail there, but got it home.  On our way out, I saw the cutest four-foot pre-lit Christmas tree for $19.99. I had been thinking it would be fun to have one in Hazel's room for her to put all the decorations we make and she gets. I figured for that price, why not.

So we spent some time decorating her tree. Oh, and we put a second layer of green paint on her birthday hats. Yes we are making special nursery rhyme themed hats. I'll share more with you on that later. We will make a star or something for the top of her tree eventually, but for now it will remain like this.

Well that is it for our busy day. Hope your is going well. Come back later or tomorrow for the new Sharing Saturday. And enter to win the digital scrapbook software. My first giveaway, so please enter and make it fun!