Merry Christmas! Sharing Saturday #11

Well, I know we have been busy getting ready for Christmas (which in my family is the start of birthday season--my father, my sister, my daughter all before the end of December and my mother in January and my mother-in-law and husband in February). So it gets a bit crazy here. I am doing my best to stay calm and relaxed.  But onto our great shared ideas!

Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week. I always find the links so inspiring and as you have seen we have even done some of them here. I was planning on focusing on the Christmas posts, but when I looked at the popularity, it seems that the Christmas ones are not quite as popular. So by popularity we feature:

From Happy Whimiscal Hearts: Wet-on-wet Watercolor (I cannot wait to try this with Hazel--so beautiful!)

 From Reading Confetti: I Spy Snow Globes (how fun...when we get into the I Spy stage I'm sure we will try these)
From Rockabye Butterfly: Melted Crayon Reindeer (So cute! When Hazel is a bit older we will definitely try this)
Ok, a couple of my picks this week:
From What's Fun Today?: Coffee Construction (Oh, how fun this looks. I know I would have loved it when I was young and can definitely see doing this with Hazel.)
From Raising the Cameron Clan: 12 Days of Christmas: Glitter Swirl Ornament (what a great technique--we are definitely going to give this a try next year)

Thank you again to everyone who participated. It is always so inspiring to see everyone's ideas. If you were featured please feel free to grab a featured button.

Now onto this week's sharing...

Our rules are simple. Share as many posts as you would like. All I ask is that you post a crafty or activity to do with or make for children and you link to a specific post and not your home page. Also please, grab a button or link back so others can find us.


  1. Thanks for featuring us! We are so excited. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog- I am so happy to have found out. What an amazing resource! I am going to be on here for hours combing thorough all the lovely crafts ;)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring the I Spy snow globes! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hi Carrie :-) wow, thanks for the feature! I hope you are all set for tomorrow and that you and your family have an amazing day x Kell

  5. Thank you for hosting this! I'll be sure to check out everyone else's links :)


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