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Noah's Ark

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Hazel and I read her story Bible every night at bedtime. We read through it once skipping around a bit and then started at the beginning again. Hazel loved the story of Noah's Ark. I knew I had bought ages ago a Shrinky Dink Noah's Ark kit when it was on sale or clearance. I had put it away for the right time. I also discovered there are hundreds of books about Noah's Ark. Today we will share some of the traditional stories that follow along with the Bible. Hazel loves when we read a Noah's Ark book.

Most of these books we took out of the library, but some I also found at the used book store. The amazing thing is I didn't take out all of the Noah's Ark children's books at the library, because there were so many. Again these are the ones that tell the story the same as the Bible. I will share others another time.

My sister had given Hazel a wooden Noah's ark toy many years ago. Hazel loves the idea of it, however the top floor never stays in and the roof of the top never stays on correctly plus she is missing many of the animals. Hazel now plays with it usually more as a storage place, house or something but without all the pieces together. 

So after reading many of the books, I pulled out the Shrinky Dinks one Saturday. Hazel and I had fun coloring them in together. Don't you love the zebra colors? Hazel did them. A hint for coloring them is to put white paper underneath so you can see what you are coloring (unless you are coloring white of course).

Then we put them on a pan and watched them shrink.
Then once they cooled they turn harder and the kit came with stands for them.
The kit also came with a ark to put together as well as some other animals. Steve took on the job of putting the ark together for us.
Now Hazel has two Noah's ark toys. She really loved playing with this one. Here is the other side.
Stay tuned for some more Noah's Ark stories and crafts!!

Summer Solstice Shrinking Sun Lesson

When I was a child I loved Shrinky Dinks. If you do not know what they are, you should check them out. They are some plastic sheets that you can trace a picture and color and then you put them in the oven for a minute or two and they shrink to a hard plastic. Well I have been thinking about the summer solstice and a craft to talk about it and thought this would be perfect.

We started by printing some sun pictures from Microsoft Word. Here is a link to the pdf of the ones we used. I then traced them with a black Sharpie marker.
Then we colored them with some color pencils. The instructions said to sand them first, but we didn't. I did find it mattered which side you colored on though.
Then I cut them out and punched holes in them so we could hang them later. We put them on parchment paper in the warm oven (350 degrees) for two minutes. I put a chair in front of the oven so Hazel could watch them shrink. They curl up and shrink right in front of you. 

Then they flatten back out. You have to wait until they are completely flat before you take them out. Take them out and let them cool for a few minutes. They are much thicker and much smaller.
Once cool you can put a string through the hole to make a necklace (we did this with Hazel's name) or to hang up somewhere. Or you can glue them on as a decoration to something.

We had the whole discussion about how the summer solstice is the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight and how now each day will be getting shorter so there will be less (or smaller amounts of) sun. Thus our shrinking suns. Then we hung them on her seasonal tree.
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