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Until Someone Listens -- New Picture Book Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

It is hard to believe that Hispanic Heritage Month ends this week. I am so behind the ball these days. Getting used to working full time, having older parents and getting sick, are not giving me the time to write as much as I would like. I have two books I want to share for Hispanic Heritage Month and today I will share the picture book. It is Until Someone Listens by Estela Juarez with Lissette Norman and illustrated by Teresa Martinez. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8 and is also available in Spanish

Ruth Handler & Fun Facts about her Barbie Doll


Today is National Barbie Day! To celebrate I thought we would look at the creator of Barbie and some fun facts about Barbie. Now growing up my mother was very against Barbie dolls. My sisters were not allowed to have any. I however inherited some from family friends and for some reason my mother allowed it. I know she like many parents were concerned with the measurements and body image. What I discovered with my research couldn't be farther from the truth. Stay tuned for a fun ride as well as a book round-up for you to teach your kids about Ruth Handler and the history of Barbie. 

Ruth Handler

Latinx Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Focus on Immigration


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

Hispanic Heritage Month started September 15th and ends on Friday. I have four Latinx books to share with you this week in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Each book has its own focus and don't necessarily relate to one another besides having Latinx main characters, so I am going to share two of them today and two later in the week. The two today focus a bit on immigration. One is a more modern picture book and the other is a middle grades novel about a middle schooler immigrating from Cuba in the 1960s. We will start with the picture book. It is I Wish You Knew by Jackie AzĂșa Kramer and illustrated by Magdalena Mora. It is recommended for ages 4 to 7.

Hear My Voice/ Escucha Mi Voz


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today we are going to talk about a controversial subject that I usually avoid. I see both sides of the discussion and don't usually try to debate either. The issue is immigration. Now unless you are 100% Native American somewhere in your family history someone immigrated here. I know when I was growing up I had many friends whose families immigrated here from Asia to get away during the wars there. Several of them say the United States is the best country in the world. I am so glad their families made it out or at least part of their families did. Many lost family members while escaping. I understand the need for people to immigrate. To leave all they have known and come to America, the land of dreams. However then I look around and realize we cannot even take care of our own people. Look at all the homeless, poor, starving people we have including some veterans who were willing to lay down their lives for our country but now are not taken care of by the country. Do we really want more to add to the mix? It is hard and I am sure it is really hard for the politicians to figure out fair ways to control it. However I know one thing for sure, today's book shines a light on a major problem our country is experiencing and needs to change. The book is Hear My Voice/Escucha Mi Voz complied by Warren Binford for Project Amplify.