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Spring Candy Bird Houses

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We finally have spring weather in the Boston area and we definitely have a bit of spring fever at my house! The weather is too nice to stay inside all day. However we took time the other morning to make these adorable bird houses from graham crackers, Peeps and frosting. I saw the idea at Yesterfood. When I saw them, I knew Hazel would want to make them. She is after all obsessed with birdhouses and bird cages.

 We Had fun making them. Hazel remembered making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and this reminded her of that. We used a tube of decorating frosting, but it took a few tries and some time to get them to stay together. 

We had two kinds of Peeps. The new birthday cake flavor (which Hazel thought was ok) and the original ones in pink (which Hazel does not like since she does not like marshmallow, but I love them). She made the house for the pink one and I did the blue one.

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Virtual Book Club for Kids: Mortimer's Christmas Manger

Yes, I still have Christmas on my brain--way too early! This month's author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Karma Wilson. Now Karma Wilson has some amazing books. I think the most famous ones are the Bear series. Lately Hazel has been scared of books with bears, so I stayed away from them. We however fell in love with Mortimer. We read the two Mortimer books and since Christmas is coming sooner than when I'll plant a garden again, we went with Mortimer's Christmas Manger. We however also loved the Little Pip series too!

A Post Christmas Gingerbread House

You may remember my post earlier this month about our gingerbread play date. Well before it I had picked up on clearance a gingerbread house kit. After talking to the other mother and realizing both children would want to keep the house, I decided to save it for just me and Hazel. Now this was the special Rudolph house kit so it came with a candy Santa, Rudolph and Abominable Snow Monster. We also used some of our extra lollipops as trees, though we had trouble getting them to stay up. Oh, and Hazel decided our gummy penguins are really elves.
I also pulled out some green frosting I bought on clearance post Christmas and all the extras we had from her party and play date for decorating. Hazel loves playing with the frosting and candy.
We put star sprinkles on the roof. We decided it was a magic star roof. I'm not sure what magic it can do, but we liked it.
So now we have a gingerbread house on display in our dining room and our kitchen. Hazel is very excited to show everyone our new gingerbread house. She did ask to keep it forever, but I think I explained well enough that it would not be good to do that. Hopefully it won't cause a tantrum when the time comes to throw both away.
Last year we used candy hearts on our roof on our post Christmas gingerbread house. Now is the best time to get the kits for practically nothing and she still enjoys it so much. Do you do any Christmas things in non-Christmas time?

Gingerbread Play Date

Today we had a gingerbread play date with one of Hazel's best friends and his mother. To get started we had foam gingerbread men to decorate. I had bought them ages ago at the Dollar Tree I think. We had glitter glue, stickers, ribbon, googly eyes, beads and pom poms out to decorate them.
Hazel and I also read Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett (December's author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids). Our friends were running late, so we did not have time to read it as a group, but Hazel and I enjoyed the story.
Gingerbread Baby

We had made some gingerbread cookie dough. I cheated and used a Betty Crocker mix I bought on sale post-Christmas. I had planned on making the dough from scratch, but didn't quite do it and then read my favorite recipe needed at least four hours in the refrigerator before rolling and cutting, and since they were due in just over an hour, I decided that wasn't going to happen. I had bought a white cookie icing for each of them and lots of candy and sprinkles to decorate.
We also made some gingerbread playdough. I combined the recipes from The Imagination Tree and Two Big and Two Little. I used all the spices in Two Big and Two Little's recipe, but the amounts and mix style of The Imagination Tree's recipe. We did not have a lot of time to play with it together, but sent some home with her friend and Hazel and one of her high school babysitters played with it more this afternoon. These pictures are a combination of both.

I know we were a little late for gingerbread, but we had fun anyway!

Monday = Preparations

Today is one of those days I'm suppose to be able to relax, but with Christmas this week, I'm running around trying to get things done. Hazel is over at my mother-in-law's for the day. We went to the post office this morning and mailed the last of our gifts including this felt dragon that I finished last night. I got the pattern from the most recent Living Crafts Magazine. An excellent magazine for anyone who likes to do handwork and all natural crafts.