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Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined -- a Crafty Weekends Review

Disclosure: C&T Publishing sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own! I will receive a small stipend for purchases made through the links in this post. Thank you for supporting Crafty Moms Share!

I've been missing my Crafty Weekends. Have you? Although I am not having the link party anymore I thought I would share some of the crafts I have been up to and review one of the craft books I have.

 Now I will admit it is a bit strange for me to write a review right now. With so much going on in our country I feel like this is a little frivolous. But I know the world goes on and although my own emotions are all over the place and at times I have wanted to take a break from thinking about the racial issues I realize my black friends and all people of color do not get to take a break from thinking about their race and the racial issues. Tomorrow I will be starting our weekly posts about Black Lives Matter and sharing some black people everyone should know about. So today I am going to share with you a quilt book. The book is Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined by Candace Copp Grisham. 

1930's Dresden Plate Doll Quilt Blocks with Free Templates

Awhile ago I posted about making a quilt for Kit Kittredge. Kit is the American Girl from the 1930's/the Great Depression Era. In my post I explained I was having difficulties with the dresden plate quilt block and getting it the correct size. I decided to just make Sun Bonnet Sue squares. I started making them and at some point put them away and now I have to find them. However this weekend my interest was renewed because Hazel had her first sleepover Friday night which has turned into a weekend guest including her American Girl doll, Ruthie. Ruthie is Kit's best friend in the stories, so we have been having lots of doll fun including a trip to the American Girl Store today. However my depression era interest is back. Now awhile ago I discovered Wren Feathers has an easy dresden plate doll quilt pattern on her site. If you look up dresden plate quilts you will see three styles or so of dresden plates. Wren Feathers is the one that is just a circle. I did some more research and finally figured out what I needed to do to make my pattern. I found The Quilting Company's article to be very helpful in sizing of them. I wanted to make one with the scalloped edge and I figured it out!!

Creating Historic Style Doll Quilts for Beforever Dolls

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links where I will receive a small percentage of any purchases made through them at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Crafty Moms Share!

 This past week was school vacation week here and Steve took the week off as well. We spent a long weekend with my parents and had some family time including a trip to the American Girl Store. My parents gave Hazel the retired American Girl Doll, Kirsten, for Christmas and gave her Kirsten's bed (well a homemade version my mother found on-line) for her birthday. My mother told her she would make a quilt for the bed with Hazel. My mother and I picked out a set of farm style precut fabrics for Kirsten's quilt. Her bed is blue with a heart cut out off the ends and berries and leaves painted on it. Her story is from the 1850's and she was an immigrant from Sweden and her family moved to the prairie. Her quilt was a patchwork quilt. (Something like this charm pack would also work.) Hazel has been making 9-square quilts for awhile, so she was excited to make a patchwork quilt for Kirsten. My mother took the big precut squares and cut them into quarters. Then Hazel and Kirsten began to arrange them on batting.

Heritage Doll Clothes -- Making 1930s Doll Clothes -- Crafty Weekends Link Party

Hazel has discovered the American Girl books. She is loving the mysteries for older children. She also has fallen in love with Kit Kittredge. She really wants to get an American Girl doll. She has begun saving her own money for one. She is struggling deciding between getting Kit, Samantha or Rebecca. She really LOVES the Kit stories but likes the looks of the other two more. She has begun reading the other stories and is really just enjoying them all. Since it will take her awhile to save enough money to buy an American Girl doll I thought I would make some clothes from the various eras for the dolls she has. Since Kit is her current favorite I thought I would start with something from the 1930s. I pulled out Heritage Doll Clothes by Joan Hinds. I bought it awhile ago to get the pattern for a prairie dress and bonnet when Hazel was really into Little House on the Prairie. I still need to make it for her doll and the matching one for her.