Anxiety in Kids


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

During Covid the overall visits to the emergency room have significantly decreased. However during this same period there has been an increase in kids' visits to the ER for mental health reasons. (Source) I suppose it is not that surprising. We all know that Covid is increasing anxiety in most people. People are afraid of catching it. People are afraid of dying from it. People are afraid of loved ones catching it. Plus the change in our lives--the masks, social distancing, not seeing loved ones, change for routines, etc. add more stress and anxiety. This is certainly true for adults but it is even more true for our kids. Kids are struggling to understand the pandemic. They are struggling to understand why the adults in their life are acting so differently and are so stressed out. All they truly know is a year ago the world changed. Everything stopped. School went remote. For some their parents were out of work. Slowly things are opening back up. People are wearing masks. Hand washing is a big deal. It is truly a scary time to be alive which makes it a perfect time for today's book. The book is All About Anxiety by Carrie Lewis and illustrated by Sophia Touliatou. It is a middle grades book (ages 9-13).

This book is written for kids and it shows, but the details are great. It explains what anxiety is and perhaps why we have it and how it can be helpful in small levels. It goes into what can cause anxiety and ways to help with each cause. It talks about how to figure out the amount of anxiety one has and if one needs to get help (from an adult or professional) to deal with it. Then there is even a chapter on things one can do to handle anxiety. The wording of this book is perfect for the middle grade readers. The format is fun and I know there are parts that will connect with every kid.

The pages are colorful and have many fun illustrations. I love that the illustrations show people of different races throughout the book. It is not your typical nonfiction book with lots of words. It has some humor as well as great tips. Throughout the book there are "Top Tips" giving some ideas about how to deal with each circumstance and more. The book looks at the history (cavemen) and science behind our anxiety. It goes into details of how anxiety can manifest in a person and how it can be emotional as well as physical. The information in this book is detailed and helpful. It reaches the intended target and will entertain them but also give them information. As the mother of a highly anxious child I am happy to see such a fun book on the subject to help kids figure out and deal with their own anxieties. I hope you will check it out!