Grace and Box -- a Multicultural Picture Book Perfect for Earth Day


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

It is hard to believe it is the end of March. This month went by so quickly for me and usually it drags but I guess that is because Hazel's new school has two weeks off in March instead of the February and April breaks. With the end of March I start to think about the events of April. Today I am going to share a fun new picture book that as I read it made me think of Earth Day and I'll share why later. The book is Grace and Box by Kim Howard and illustrated by Megan Lötter.

In this sweet book Grace gets a new buddy the day the new refrigerator is delivered. She loves playing with her new buddy, Box. Each day they play something new from rocket ship, house, ruins of Rome, etc. After all a box can be just about anything you want it to be. 

Then Grace notices her new buddy isn't looking so great. Box is showing some wear and tear. Grace decides Box needs a day of rest. After all isn't that what all kids get when they are feeling a bit sick or injured?

Then she thinks of fixing him with tape and more cardboard. Of course she has a better spin on it all.

Grace and Box are back to having fun but now Grace knows she will occasionally have to take care of Box to keep him able to play. 

 Things to love in this book are many!! I love that Grace is Black. I love that the box is still loved even with rips and falling apart. I love the imagination of what the Box can be. Let's face it not every kid will think of the ruins of Rome or Hong Kong. I also love that the book is about a friendship and chasing dreams.

As I read this book I thought about how many times adults may have thrown away the box but Grace kept fixing it. She knew a refrigerator box doesn't come around too often and they are the best to play with! She took trash and made it into so many amazing things with her imagination and kept fixing it to continue the fun play. This is what makes it perfect for Earth Day! Yet it is also a great book for any day because of the imagination and the beautiful and colorful illustrations! I hope you will check it out!