National Children's Craft Day--Crafty Sundays Review


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books and kits in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Did you know March is National Craft Month and March 14th is National Children's Craft Day? So today I am sharing some craft kits and a book for kids. I have found most kids love doing origami, so two of them are origami products. The first is My First Animal Origami Kit by Joel Stern. 

Here is a fun kit kids will love and it comes with everything you need. It has an instruction book, origami paper and stickers to accessorize your crafts.

There are seventeen different animals to make in this book. They are cute and made even cuter with the stickers. 

I tried the panda. I added stickers on to it to make it look even more like a panda. The eyes were very necessary. 

I made the hummingbird. I used a different paper than the one they did. I didn't bother with any stickers on it because I thought it looked great how it came out.

I also made the bunny since Easter is coming up. I found the instructions very easy to follow and love that it comes with the paper as well as the stickers. I know beginners will love this kit. 

If animals are not your thing, perhaps this book will be better. It is Easy Origami for Beginners by Michael G. LaFosse.

This book has twenty fun projects that are a mix from objects, animals and usable items. The instructions are very easy to follow.

The book begins with an introduction about origami and choosing the best paper. This book does not come with origami paper.

I tried a few of the projects in this book. I started with the Clever Teacup. 

The instructions to make it were very easy to follow.

I also tried the seahorse. I had fun with this one. I used origami paper from Tuttle Publishing that I have reviewed previously. 

The tutorial is very easy to follow on this one as well.

I also tried the fish which you can move the tail fins to make the mouth move.

I also tried the star box.

Our final product is Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machines: Paper Airplanes Based on the Great Master's Sketches that Really Fly by Andrew Dewar. I haven't taken the time to put any of them together yet but I love the idea.

The kit comes with pop-out models and a slingshot launcher. The instructions look easy to follow and the projects are so fun. The book starts with a bit of an introduction.

I love how this kit can be used to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci and his work. The pop-out models are all based from his sketches and look like it.

Some of the projects do require other things to put it together like toothpicks and more. 

You can see from the sample page above how the instructions are easy to follow and make sense. This kit is perfect for kids who love making paper airplanes as well as to teach about the works of da Vinci.

Can you see da Vinci's sketches in the projects? What crafts are your kids doing today?