Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper Projects -- Crafty Sundays


Disclosure: HTVRONT sent me a package of this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I haven't done a Crafty Sundays in awhile. Today I get to share a fun product with you. I have always wanted a Cricut machine but haven't justified spending the money on one. I love all the vinyl projects I see on line and that my friends make with theirs. I am sharing some projects to make with HTVRONT Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper and it works in an inkjet. I have so many different ideas for projects but am going to share some simple ones with you today.

These sheets are very easy to use. The instructions are very clear. They give specific settings for the printer and how to put the sheets in. They suggest feeding only one sheet at a time. All of the projects I am sharing here I created using My Memories program and was inspired by products I saw at Michaels and Barnes and Noble. Now my big project with this product is to make a fake gas insert fireplace for the dollhouse I am working on but I am not quite ready to do it. My idea is to print the fire and stick it to the wall and then surround it with tiles. Until I am ready for that project I thought I would try some other craft projects. I started making a sticker for Hazel. She put it on the keyboard for her iPad that she uses at school.

I had seen this saying at Barnes and Noble on a travel cup. I took one of the stickers and put it on a white travel mug we have. I am thinking of putting clear Contact Paper over it to try to make it a bit water proof.

Hazel is very excited for her new stickers. I also have some small old pictures to make crafts with. I printed some vinyl stickers to put in them.

I put this one in our family room. I made the one below for my kitchen.

I loved that the vinyl stickers covered the old artwork that was in them. I made a few other stickers but have done projects with them.

I have two relatively large wooden plagues to make crafts with so I also printed some full page stickers.

I am thinking of painting the plague yellow and putting this one on it. I think it will be beautiful. The one below I am thinking I will paint the wood a lavender. 

What will you print as vinyl stickers? Where will you put them? I am going to keep playing and maybe make a sticker of some of Hazel's artwork. Be sure to check out this vinyl paper and get your craft on!

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