Fun Facts about Lollipops with Craft and Recipe Round-Up --National Lollipop Day

I know it is Monday and I usually do my Black Lives Matter post, but today has been a bit crazy and I want to dedicate the time to make it a good post, so I will share it tomorrow. Since today is National Lollipop Day, I thought I would do a quick post sharing some fun facts about lollipops with a quick round-up of crafts, activities and recipes. 

Fun Facts about Lollipops

  1. Ancient African and Asian societies put fruits and nuts on sticks and dipped them in honey as a precursor to lollipops.
  2. During the 17th Century English put sticks into boiling sugar candy to make them easier to eat.
  3. In 1908 the Racine Confectionary Company invented a machine that could make 2,400 pops per minute.
  4. As early as the 1860s lollipops were sold in the U.S.
  5. In 1931 George Smith patented the term “lollipop” but it is now public domain. He had seen chocolate and caramel on sticks and put the hard candy on a stick. He named it after a race horse, Lolly Pop.
  6. Lollipops have made it into pop culture with Shirley Temple’s song “On the Good Ship Lollipop” in 1934, the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz in 1939, and on Kojak from 1973-1978, Lieutenant Theo Kojak often had a lollipop in his mouth on the show.

  7. In 1969 Tootsie Pop debuted its commercial that asks “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

  8. Tootsie Pops by Gilabrand at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA (
  9. Tootsie Roll manufactures the most lollipops. They produce over 16 million lollipops a day.
  10. 12 Million Dum Dums are made a day. The mystery flavor happens when they are are low on one flavor and start making another flavor in the same vat. They are mainly sold in the U.S. but some are sold in Mexico and Canada as well as a few other countries.

  11. Dum-Dums, October 2007

    1. Dum Dums got their name because it was thought to be a name kids could/would say.
    2. In 2012 the largest lollipop was made in California. It was chocolate flavor and five feet tall and weighed more than 7,000 pounds.
    3. There is a brand of lollipops that have insects in the lollipops. The brand is Hotlix. You can get an apple lollipop with a real scorpion in it.
    4. The first known use of the word lollipop was by Charles Dickens in the mid 1780’s. He was referring to a stickless candy.
    5. Cotton candy is the most common lollipop flavor.
    6. The term lollipop means “tongue slap”.


    Lollipop Craft Round-Up

    1) Lollipop Gourd Turkey
    2) Lollipop & Pasta Angel
    3) Lollipop Angel
    4) Lollipop Letters from Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids
    5) Lollipop Butterflies
    6) Sugar Skull Lollipops for Day of the Dead from Still Playing School
    7) Lollipop spiders 
    8) Felt Thanksgiving Covers for Lollipops

    We also had fun growing magic beans/lollipops when Hazel was young.

    Lollipop Recipes and More Round-Up
    1) Jolly Rancher Lollipops
    2) Making Lollipops as a Science Lesson from STEAM Powered Family
    3) Valentine Heart Lollipops from Thrifty Jinxy
    4) Layered Lollipops--a STEM Challenge from STEAM Powered Family