DIY Wall Art Part 2 -- Crafty Sunday

Last week I shared some DIY wall art that was inspired by home d├ęcor that I saw at Michaels. Today I am going to share another one also inspired by what I saw at Michaels--at least the saying is. I picked up a cheap wooden wall art plague that said some summer saying including "floundering around". I then used Mod Podge and a recycled flower paper from a poster calendar from 2017 similar to this one. I bought it on clearance back then so I could use the pages for crafts. I finally used one!

The original artwork at Michaels had flowers and decorations on it. Instead of printing one on I decided to use some of the flowers I pressed this spring from my yard. I used a bleeding heart branch and an azalea to decorate my sign. Again I used Mod Podge to add my printed words and my flowers and then coated the entire top with Mod Podge to seal it all together. I love how it came out.
I hung it in my craft room over the fireplace. I love how it came out! What have you been creating this week?