DIY Wall Art (Inspired by Wall Art at Michael's) -- Crafty Sunday

It is Sunday again. Where did this week go? It is amazing how fast time is flying by even though we are mostly staying home. Last week I was looking at Michael's on-line (and then in the store) for a frame for my paint-by-number family portrait that I shared a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it is a weird size so I have to do something custom. But I was checking out the home décor. I found so much inspiration. Even though much of it was on clearance most was not at my local store and I hate paying for shipping if I don't have to plus I looked at some of them and said I can make something similar with what I have at home.  I have a Pinterest board where I pin my inspiration in case you want to see some of the other wall art I loved. I saw two similar blue and white inspirational ones and thought I could make something like them. I am not a talented enough painter but have a supply of beautiful craft papers from Paper Source from my time of working there. They occasionally go on sale and I would buy them on sale. Here are my inspirations.

Inspiration Wall Art from Michael's 

I decided to go with the wording on the right. I played with fonts in My Memories and went through my special papers. I found a beautiful blue and white flower and fan one that I bought years ago. I also have large canvases that I bought on clearance last year at Staples. I took one of those and Mod Podged the paper onto the canvas. Then once that dried I printed out my words and used craft scissors to give them a "cloud" edge and Mod Podged them on and coated the whole thing with Mod Podge gloss to give it a finish. I did not get all the air bubbles out, but I am happy with it. 

I hung it in my special corner in the family room. I love having the inspirational message in my quiet corner to remind me every day. I wrapped the paper around the sides and onto the back of the canvas.

I also loved the "It's so good to be home" plaque. They had it as a table top art but I wanted wall art. Then when Hazel and I were looking at Joann's this week for some Diamond Art kits (Note: this link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase I will receive a small stipend for referring you.) I found this adorable craftable sign in the clearance section for only a few dollars. I painted the sign (rather poorly--I should have pulled out the painters tape). And I played with fonts. I printed this one on blue cardstock to match as best as I could my blue paint. Because of the different size of the sign I had to play with the placement of the words. Hazel and I decided we liked this layout best.
I Mod Podged the words on to this one as well and put a coat over all the blue area. This one really hit home because while we were away I was missing my home.
It is now hanging in our dining room to remind us homebodies how much we love being home. During this crazy time it is definitely our safe space. How about you? 

I have one more that I hope to make. I just haven't decided what I want to use for it.
I may use a smaller canvas in landscape, but would prefer an smaller width to it. I have to see what else I can come up with. I did begin but haven't gotten far with a cardinal applique quilt square and also started my Diamond Arts project. What have you been crafting? Be sure to check out our other Crafty Sunday posts!