Books that Make Imaginations Soar for Ages 2 - 8

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Today I am sharing some fun picture books that are for ages in the range of 2 to 8 and they make your imagination soar. The first book is Pop! by Jason Carter Eaton and illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. 

In this fun book Dewey is enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside blowing bubbles. His favorite part of blowing bubbles is popping them, but one bubble gets away. What will Dewey do? The lengths he goes through to pop that one bubble is amazing.

Let's just say this book is a bit impossible, but it is fun. It is a reminder of what one might do if they really want to accomplish it. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is fun. What young boy doesn't climb to the roof of a house, fly a hot air balloon or a helicopter? It is the perfect book for a child who loves transportation and action.

Our next book is Tessa Takes Wing by Richard Jackson and illustrated by Julie Downing. Tessa is the youngest and still sleeps in a crib, but while everyone is sleeping and morning is approaching Tessa goes on quite an adventure. She flies above her crib and toys and goes higher than she did the previous day. Are you ready to see her secret adventure?

Tessa's adventure includes all sorts of things including playing with her older sister's toys. Then it ends with her asking her parents to lift her up. What adventure does your young one dream about? This book is recommended for ages 3 to 6. 

Our next book is Floaty by John Himmelman. Mr. Raisin is a grump who lives alone and loves to sew but not much else. When a surprise arrives at his door he opens it and it takes him awhile to find his surprise since it is a floating dog. He discovers that Floaty is not too much work and life is better with company and a friend. The floating dog takes them on an adventure and Mr. Raisin has to figure out how to get his dog back. 

This book is recommended for ages 4 to 8. It is fun and funny. After all who can imagine a dog that floats and how one would take care of him. Perfect for kids who love animals and silliness.

Our next book is I Need All of It by Petra Postert and illustrated by Jens Rassmus and translated by Henriette Schroeder. Jim is helping his father sort the laundry. His father finds some things in a pair of Jim's pants. Jim doesn't want his father to throw away the things. His father sees junk, but Jim tells him what each thing really is. The old key is to an old suitcase full of a nasty magicians things. By keeping the key the magician cannot do the horrible things anymore. There is a ship captain's button and a mountain peak as well. The imagination of a child is beauifully shared in this book. Plus the love to pick up and collect all those strange little things. What do you find in your child(ren)'s pockets?

I love how this book shares an imaginative storytelling and the wonder of childhood. It is a wonderful story and with so much sweetness. It is recommended for ages 3 to 6.

Our next book is Everywhere, Wonder by Matthew Swanson and illustrated by Robbi Behr. This book is about the wonder that you can find everywhere. It takes the reader to Egypt and the Grand Canyon, to Japan and Kenya and even to your dreams. Each wonder and story is a gift and should be enjoyed!

What is your story or the story of your child? Each thing that you take time to notice becomes part of your story. This book is all about imagination and where it can take you. I love the story. It is recommended for ages 3 to 6. 

Our next book is a new one from Dr. Seuss. It is Dr. Seuss's You Are Kind. Now it is not typical Dr. Seuss. It doesn't rhyme. It doesn't have made up words and isn't funny. It however features Horton the Elephant and illustrations of Dr. Seuss. The words are sharing parts of kindness. This is one of those gift books that you give to a friend or a kind teacher. It is a sweet book, but not your normal kid's book from Dr. Seuss. However I could imagine giving it to a teacher who loves Dr. Seuss like Hazel's first grade teacher does. 

Our final book is All My Friends Are Fast Asleep by David Weinstone and illustrated by Magali Le Huche. In this sweet book children's musician David Weinstone tells a rhythmic story to help kids fall asleep. A young boy has trouble falling asleep so he goes to visit different animal friends and tries to sleep with them. 

 I love how this book rhymes and shares how different animals sleep. It also comes with music and lyrics (the words of the book) for a lullaby. This book is recommended for ages 2 to 6. It is beautiful and sweet. For more bedtime ideas check out here.

I hope you will check these fun books out! They are wonderful!!