Soccer Fun with Books and Craft Round-up

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Soccer season has started at schools around here. Is there really a soccer season anymore? I know kids that play it all year round with indoor soccer and soccer camps. What about you? 

What do you know about soccer? Do you have a soccer enthusiast in your house? I have two fun books focused around soccer for you today!! Plus I am sharing a round-up of crafts from some other bloggers as well. Our first book is Absolute Expert: Soccer by Eric Zweig and Mark Giger. It is from National Geographic Kids. 

In true National Geographic style, this book is filed with photographs and interesting facts and asides. Mark Geiger is a Major League Soccer referee so as a contributor the reader is learning rules and facts first hand. The book covers the history of soccer from around the world and includes how soccer got its name. It talks about the sport and positions. It also includes information about the various soccer (or football) associations around the world and there is a section on women's soccer as well. It even explains how the World Cup works. There are also fun little trivia areas throughout the book to give the reader a chance to think about and learn more about the sport. It is a fun book and is perfect for any soccer enthusiast or player. 

Our second book is a hilariouos book from Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton. It is Soccer School: Where Soccer Rules the World. It is recommended for ages 7 to 10. This book bases school lessons all around soccer. It covers topics in soccer, zoology, English, math, physcial education, history, psychology, design technology, geography, drama, philosophy, photography, business studies, fashion, computer science, political science, music, and physics. They find a way to share fun facts about soccer and soccer players that go along with these subjects and the manner of the "lessons" is hilarious. Each chapter ends with a quiz as well as a funny star student. 

This book is very entertaining and I could see a young reader loving it. There are illustrations throughout the book making it an easy read. It will have you and your child laughing to learn about these serious topics in this humorous manner having to do with soccer. I know some second graders who will go crazy for this book. 

I hope you will check out these fun soccer books and be sure to check out our other soccer posts including books and more. 

Soccer Crafts

Since soccer is such a popular sport, I knew there would be some soccer crafts out there. I asked my fellow Kid Blogger Network friends to share their soccer crafts and here is what I received.

1) Soccer Ball Plate (well she calls it a Euro 2016 Paper Plate Football) from The Gingerbread House

2) Soccer Field Quite Book Page from In Our Pond

3) DIY Soccer Phone Case from Kimspired DIY

4) Soccer Slime (great for party favors) from Kimspired DIY