Informative Animal Picture Books & Activity Books

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you have an animal lover between the ages of 4 and 8? I have some fun books for you. There are three domesticated animal stories and four wild animal books. The first is actually a wordless book called Pip & Pup by Eugene Yelchin. 

Pip is a newly hatched chick and Pup is a puppy. The pictures show how they relate to one another. Now you may be asking why do I want a wordless book? Well, wordless books help kids learn their own storytelling skills. They also help teach to notice more details and help expand their imaginations. Things I like about wordless books is that the story does not have to be the same each time. 
This book has the story of an adorable little chick discovering his world around the farm. He finds a playmate in Pup. 
It is a fun book and I know animal lovers will love making a story to go with the beautiful illustrations!

Our next book is Pretty Kitty by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Stephanie Laberis. This is a rhyming and counting book. The old man in the big city sees a pretty kitty and tells it to scat, but the pretty kitty doesn't scat and neither does the next one.

The number of cats keeps growing until it is ten kitties on his mat. They beg to come in and be out of the cold. Will the old man give in?
This is a fun book for young kids working on their counting to ten. The rhymes are fun and the story is cute. 

Our next book is Good Rosie! by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Harry Bliss. Rosie is a good dog. Rosie is a lonely dog. She does not understand why the dog she sees in her empty bowl doesn't answer her back. She doesn't understand why the cloud that looks like a dog doesn't answer her back. Finally George, Rosie's owner, has an idea. He takes Rosie to the dog park. She sees other dogs playing together, but then a big dog approaches her and she is a bit scared, but eventually she makes new friends and is no longer lonely.
This is a cute picture book for dog lovers! The story is fun and relatively easy to read. It also has the fun story that we need each other and need to help each other. 

Our next book is The Truth About Bears by Maxwell Eaton III. This book shares information about bears--all different types--in a very humorous ways. The book is easy to read and has some parts that are like a graphic novel. The details shared about these bears are fun.

The facts shared are interesting and they are written in a way that 4- to 8-year-olds will easily understand. 

Our next book is The Truth About Hippos also by Maxwell Eaton III. This book is in the same manner as The Truth About Bears. It shares some differences between common hippos and pygmy hippos. 

I love how these books have facts presented in fun and easily understood ways as well as the extra facts in the pictures and side notes. They take learning about bears and hippos to a new level. 

Our next book is Howl Like a Wolf! by Kathleen Yale and illustrated by Kaley McKean. This fun book explores different animals: wolf, penguin, elephant, bat, octopus, rattlesnake, bowerbird, beaver, leopard, humpback whale, honeybee, raven, skunk, frog, and deer. The book gives details about the animals and their behavior. Then there are activities the child(ren) can do to try acting like the animal and its behavior. This book is suggested for ages 6 to 9. 

The book goes into details about some part of the animal's behavior. It goes into details about this behavior and how the animal survives with it. Then it has ideas 

There are all sorts of different activities offered and there are facts throughout it.

Then after all the amazing information and fun activities about the animals there is a link to download these fun masks!! Talk about fun!! 

Our final book for today is another activity book. It is My First Wild Activity Book by Isabel Otter-Barry Ross and illustrated by Maxime Lebrun.
This book is perfect for ages 5+ animal lovers. It has activities like coloring, mazes, spot the differences, find hidden pictures, add stickers, and more. It gives a bit of information and is divided by environments like the rain forest, ocean, forest and more. 

Some of the pages fold-out to a colorful picture with questions and activities to go with it. It is a fun book with lots of educational activities. 

Talk about fun animal books. I hope you will check them all out!!