Telling Little Kids about Jesus with Fun Products

Disclosure: Let the Little Children Come sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Last month we shared we shared a fun Halloween tract to teach kids about Our Savior Jesus Christ and how amazing He is. Today I am sharing with you several fun products that can be used any time of the year. They are all somewhat similar but would work for different situations as well as for different ages. In all  of the products the colors have meanings. We will start with the Gospel Magic Bag.

The Gospel Magic Bag changes colors easily by various unfoldings. The bag comes with instructions and really even a script to use with kids.

Hazel and I did a video to demonstrate this amazing bag. She wanted to be the one to change the bag. Oh, and Fluffy decided to help us too. This will give you an explanation of the colors and show you how the bag works. We also adlibbed the conversation to show you some of what the conversation might be like. 

Another way to go is the Wordless Bracelet Kit. With this kit you can tell the kids a story while sharing about Jesus Christ with them. These are true salvation bracelets
There is a church that shares these salvation bracelets and copies of the New Testament every year at the Topsfield Fair. Hazel got one when she was about three. I don't think she really got what it was all about. Now she does.
There are clear instructions to make the bracelet adjustable. Both Hazel and I were able to wear the bracelet with a simple adjustment. There is a page to give each child reminding them of the meanings of the colors and how to stay in a relationship with Jesus.

Now if you do not want to make the bracelets there are also the Enamel Charm Salvation Bracelets. These come pre-made.

It was a little loose on Hazel's wrist but she loves it. Again it comes with a hand-out to remind the child what each charm means. The charms are also the same colors as the colors in the other bracelet. You can see the entire package below. 

For older kids there are the Paracord Salvation Bracelets. We were sent medium ones which were too big for Hazel. Again they have the same colors and a hand-out included. These are pre-made. 
These paracord bracelets have been big with the teenagers lately. I know my nephew who is now fifteen made them a few summers ago. He sold some at a local store while he was spending the summer with my parents. What is nice about these are the person wearing the bracelet knows what the colors mean but others do not so there does not need to be the embarrassment that can come so easily in the teen years, but still remind the wearer of Jesus and to pray. 

Each of these items come with information of how to use these salvation bracelets and magic bag. You can see the paracord salvation bracelet explanation above or at least part of it. There are questions to use to get participation as well as explanations or a story. So if you would love to spread the love of Jesus, be sure to check out these fun products and get out there to teach the children and help them be saved!