You're All Kinds of Wonderful Blog Tour

Disclosure: Macmillan Publishers sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you read any of Nancy Tillman's books? They are the type of books that make you feel good and help teach kids about how amazing they truly are and how much we love them. Her newest one is no different. The book is You're All Kinds of Wonderful by Nancy Tillman. It is being released today!!

In rhyming verses the book shares how each child is born with his or her own talents and talks about how it may take time to find them all out. It really passes on the message of how each of is special and it is important to be yourself and that it can take time to figure out what that really means. 
The amazing illustrations involve children with animals in beautiful settings. The joy and happiness that is in this book is wonderful and uplifting.
What is your talent or your child's? What is in your personal treasure chest? The words are beautiful and make the message come alive. The pictures illustrate each message perfectly and in a dreamlike fashion.

This book makes the adult reader feel wonderful as well as the child. It just makes you smile and sends a message of blessing and love. It has a magical feel to it with the pictures. I hope you will check it out!
A fun activity to go along with this book is to look into the various animals in the illustrations. There are a macaw, elephant, giant panda, meerkats, three toed sloth, rabbits, monkey, seal or sea lion, kangaroo, cow, goat, grizzly or brown bear, walrus and pig and an animal that may be a hippo, but I am not sure. I am providing some links to make it easier for you!! Enjoy!!