Those Hard to Buy For People -- Holiday Preparations -- Gift Buying

Disclosure: Uncommon Goods sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. All of the pictures are from Uncommon Goods website. 

Have you begun your holiday shopping yet? Now I know there are 68 days still before Christmas. However I for one like to have my shopping basically done by Thanksgiving. Why? I like to be able to relax and enjoy the Advent season plus I work in retail and my work schedule gets a bit crazy so I honestly don't want to shop and deal with the crowds. Plus there are so many fun things to do besides shop during that time of year. Therefore I start early. The best part of shopping early is you spread out the bills that come in from holiday shopping!

Now I think everyone has someone or someones that are hard to shop for. For me it is the males in my life--Steve, my dad, and my teenage nephew. Steve and my dad don't really want or need anything and don't want me to spend money on them. My teenage nephew is a teenager and a boy--UGH!! Who is it for you?

Today I am going to share my favorite place to shop for them and a few other people as well. It is Uncommon Goods and it is the perfect place to shop for all those hard to buy for gifts as well as gifts for well anyone!! There are so many unique ideas. Uncommon Goods has the Uncommon Collection which is an exclusive group of products that meet their high standards of for uncommon design, sustainability and doing good. They are also a B Good Corporation. This is a group of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental issues. They are an amazing company which makes them the perfect place to shop!

Now my nephew is among my hardest person to shop for. He is into music, basketball and his iPhone. He is a typical teenager. When we took him into Boston this summer to sight see, I was constantly telling him to put his phone away. He was trying to have a conversation in Quincy Market during the noon lunch rush. It drove me crazy!! He really has issues living without his phone. However he also loves going camping and to outdoor music festivals. What happens when his phone dies where there is no place to plug in? Well one time he brought his laptop out to charge his cell phone, but that only works for so long. Eventually the laptop battery will die as well. So I looked at the gifts by recipients and found the perfect gift for him--a solar powered charger and light. Now he can plug his phone in out in the middle of nowhere and charge it with the sun!

Ok, the hardest person is checked off my list. Now onto Steven. The man who doesn't want anything and when he does he buys it or his mother does or he tells me what he wants. He however loves going to the gym. He needs to have his cell phone on him because it is his work phone. So I checked out the fitness bottles that include cell phone holders. I love the Phone Storage Water Bottle, but it does not hold the phone in its protective case and we both have protective cases on our phones. 

So I went with the Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve. I cannot wait until he sees it and tries it. I love that it can hold his phone and his money or id as well as his water bottle.

I also got him a new glass. We always seem to need new glasses and he is a history buff--plus Hazel has been watching Liberty's Kids non-stop so we are completely into the Revolutionary War lately. The glass I picked is the Constitution of the United States Glass. 
So we will have a piece of history in our cabinet! I am not sure who will like it more--Steve or Hazel.

Now we always exchange gifts with Hazel's godparents and their daughters. Their oldest daughter tends to like different things than Hazel so I often struggle getting her gifts. However I found a gift for her in the Kids section.

I got her a Color Your Own Map Pillowcase. This is a fun pillowcase for any child. It comes with washable markers, so the child colors it and the colors wash out when the sheets get washed and he or she gets to start over. I love that it is a map of the world so it also has some educational value. 

The final gift I got is a stocking stuffer for Hazel. Are you looking for some and unique stocking stuffers? Be sure to check out the collection at Uncommon Goods. I got Hazel Rory's Story Cubes. She used them at school last year and has been wanting her own set. I was so happy to find them!! 
I love giving gifts that encourage imagination and creativity as well as have an education factor. Don't you? I find that most of the products for kids at Uncommon Goods does are these. I love how unique and fun the products are and that you learn a bit about the person who made it. They provide glimpses at the workspace and background of the designers. 

So go get your shopping started and finished by checking out Uncommon Goods! You will not be disappointed. Oh, and did I mention they have amazing customer service? If there is a problem they fix it right away. I had an issue with a product a couple of years ago and was very happy with the service I received. I also had a great experience with them and their products last year
Happy Shopping!