Press Out + Color Birds & Butterflies -- a Relaxing Friday Review

Disclosure: Candlewick Press sent me these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Today I am going to share with you two really fun coloring "books". They are both part of the same series by Zoe Ingram. It is the Press Out + Color Series. What is really neat about this series is the pictures you color press out to make into 3-D objects or decorations. Today I am sharing Press Out and Color Birds and Press Out and Color Butterflies

I gave both books to Hazel to get started since Candlewick is a children's publisher. She started with the Buckeye. Now the butterflies have two pieces to each and both pieces are double sided so when it is completely colored the pieces can fit together to be a model of the butterfly.

So you can see the top of the butterfly as well as the bottom.

The book has ten butterflies in it to color and make. Wouldn't they make a beautiful mobile? Or you could hang them for a garden party. I just love them!! She also started coloring the Painted Lady.

She said this week she really loves coloring the birds even more than the butterflies, but it has been awhile since she gave the butterflies any time. 

Now she made these birds so colorful that it is hard to tell what they were originally suppose to be. This one was a cardinal, but it does not look like your typical red cardinal.

The birds have three or four pieces to get the full 3-dimensional piece. Again you can see the color on all sides of the bird.

She also colored a swallow. I have to say this swallow is beautiful and much more colorful than a real one!!

The book comes with ten different birds including a hummingbird and a peacock. They are not to scale but all about the same size. 

 I love the details and designs on the birds. Again a beautiful mobile or decorations to hang from the ceiling or a tree. What would you do with them? I am thinking of combining both books into a mobile. I hope you will check out these beautiful books!! They are a lot of fun!!