Summer Craft Kits Product Reviews

 Disclosure: I was sent these craft lots to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I added links to the particular products for your convenience, but not for any compensation. 

Point I get them to for Hazel

This year Hazel made gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day as well as gifts for her teachers. Since we are sending her to a Christian school, we loved the idea of giving her teachers a religious gift and found the perfect gift at Oriental Trading in the form of the "Footprints" Cross Craft Kit. Hazel was able to make these crosses almost completely on her own. I glued the string on and the bow and centered the poem. I also glued the sand onto the footprints, but this was because I did not want a huge mess of sand. She loves putting the sticks on and the footprints. Then I help with the glue for the shells.

Adding Sticks
 She really liked the cross herself. She asked me to make one of them for her. She now has this one hanging in her room. I added a few other shells besides the ones that came with the kit. The shells I added also came from Oriental Trading. I will be reviewing them later on. 

Coloring the Pinwheel
Back in March I reviewed the Colorful Spring Flower Pinwheel Kits which Hazel loved making. She keeps asking me to make more pinwheels with her. I figured I had to choose some pinwheels to review again for her. I found two pinwheel craft items to get. The first is the DIY Pinwheels. I had Hazel color the parts and then she put it together herself.

 She colored both sides and was proud to show them both.

I also received the Pinwheel and Star Templates. I figured with these we could make pinwheels whenever she wanted. As she was coloring I pulled these out to check them out. After she finished her DIY Pinwheel, she wanted to work with the templates. The instructions for the pinwheels and stars are available at Oriental Trading in the description of the templates.
Hazel's Star

She wanted to make the large star first. She choose a piece of red paper from the polka dot paper I got for her Minnie Mouse party. We do not have a scoring tool as the instructions called for but I found folding our paper worked find. I made some of the pinwheels. Next she wanted to make one of the large pinwheels, but found it too hard to trace and cut, so that fell on me. I made both small pinwheels and the small stars just to try each out.

 I took the small star that matched Hazel's large star and layered them.

We liked how it looked so I put it on a straw. (We used straws instead of dowels and brads to make the pinwheels.) I turned the small one slightly so they would not line up perfectly. Hazel loved it!
We have a few more fun summer crafts to do and lots more pinwheels to make! It is going to be a fun summer!! Thank you to Oriental Trading for sending us all the fun things to review! Stay tuned for the summer crafts we use the shells (and the starfish and sand dollars we also got from them).

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